Tips from Employers of Choice, Part 2

Tips from Employers of Choice, Part 2

In a world where conformity is often the easiest option, authenticity can help you stand out and feel more comfortable in your career. Let’s be honest: most of our days are on the work grind, so why not aim for employers who not only embrace your authentic self but throw a whole celebration for it? 

This is the key to building a work environment that prioritizes positivity and inclusivity, especially for our Black professionals.

Mask Off: The End of Code-Switching

Imagine having to wear a mask daily, changing it depending on who you’re interacting with – this is the essence of code-switching. Let’s talk about what it means. Code-switching is about tweaking how you act, speak, and present yourself to fit into different social settings. That might sound like a minor deal, but it hits deep, especially when discussing the workplace.

Living that code-switching life? It can seriously mess with your mental and emotional well-being. It’s like wrestling with imposter syndrome while juggling multiple personas. And you know what that means? It’s a creativity killer and a roadblock to making a tangible impact on the job.

The Power of Being Real: Thriving in Your Skin

Let’s talk about authenticity, and no, it’s not just about keeping it 100. It’s about fully embracing your true self, quirks and all. In a workplace that values authenticity, you’re not just encouraged to be honest but to be yourself unapologetically.

Being your authentic self isn’t just liberating; it’s a game-changer. Your personal and professional life hits new heights when you can be authentic at work. You experience higher levels of well-being and creativity. Authenticity builds a sense of belonging, where you’re valued for who you are, not just for what you can do.

Tips from Employers: Embrace Yourself!

The voices of top Employers of Choice resonate strongly in advocating for authenticity. Research conducted at BetterUp found that when employees behaved authentically at work, engagement increased by 140%. In an interview with Krystal Lamoureux, VP of Customer Success at Credly, says, “Bringing our whole selves to work creates a much richer, more authentic product for everyone involved. Allowing people to bring their whole selves to work creates a more authentic, happier work life.” (Hubspot).

Creating an Inclusive Environment: Together, We Celebrate

Employers of Choice know that embracing authenticity isn’t a one-person show. It’s about fostering inclusivity. They craft initiatives, policies, and practices that shout, “We value openness and respect for diversity!” These companies get that a workforce bursting with authentic perspectives leads to innovative solutions and a stronger sense of community. It’s not just about accepting differences; it’s about throwing a party in their honour.

Cultivating Confidence: Your Journey to Realness

Being authentic can feel like taking a plunge into the unknown, and self-doubt can be one tough opponent. But the rewards? Oh, they’re worth it. Boost your self-confidence by practicing self-compassion. Remind yourself that you bring unique qualities to the table. Try out some self-affirmations, get mindful, and lean on mentors for support. You’ve got this!

Building Authentic Relationships: Connecting Through Truth

Authenticity isn’t just a one-time act; it’s the foundation of genuine relationships at work or beyond. You build connections based on respect and understanding when you show up authentically. And guess what? Communities are waiting for you to join, like Obsidi and events like BFUTR, where you can connect with Black professionals who get it and share their experiences.

Your Authentic Journey Awaits

Authenticity isn’t just a buzzword; it’s a guiding principle that can transform how we experience our professional lives. As you navigate your career path, remember that your authentic voice deserves to be heard, and a supportive environment to share that voice is necessary. The workplace is waiting for the real you – it’s time to shine.

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