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6 Top Black Female Tech Social Media Influencers To Follow

6 Top Black Female Tech Social Media Influencers To Follow

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Google says approximately 4.62 billion people around the world use social media. We’re happy to see that Black female tech social media influencers are among this majority taking the world wide web by storm. Black women find creative ways to up the ante all the time, but they’re chipping away stereotypes and making tech look cool while doing it. Seeing Black females thrive in tech is amazing, but the real win is when they empower other Black talents to bloom in the tech bubble too.

Want some techie inspo, career hacks, tips and tricks to become a real baddie in tech? Take notes because we’re taking a look at six top Black female social media influencers in tech you should be following. 

Mina Markham

Twitter: @MinaMarkham

Highest followers: 38.5k

Mina is a “STEMinist” who is ranked among the Top 10 U.S Social Media Influencers in Technology according to Agility PR Solutions. As a Staff Software Engineer at Slack, Mina’s track record as a front-end architect, conference speaker, organizer and lover of design systems speaks for itself. Though more than 38,000 Twitter followers get to learn from her wisdom and inspiration all the time, she’s moving the needle to inspire other Black women in tech as a teacher, keynote speaker and tech guru. Mina isn’t shy about sharing her wealth of knowledge with other black women in the tech community as she teaches for Black Girls Code. Additionally, she has presented at various conferences, including Front-End Design Conference, and Distill. You can also see evidence of Mina’s work come to life at Front Porch, a conference on front-end web technologies for developers, designers, entrepreneurs, and managers or read about her in many publications. If you’re not part of Mina’s community, now’s a great time to hit that follow button.

Joy Ofodu 

TikTok: Joyofodu

Instagram: Joyofodu

Highest followers: 62.7k

It’s a joy to watch Joy Ofodu bring laughter to her growing community through storytelling and voice animation. Most of Joy’s tech content is shared on LinkedIn and her entertainment value is at its highest level on Instagram and TikTok. Joy wears many hats as Creative Executive Officer at Joy Ofodu LLC, Integrated Marketing Manager at Instagram and voice actor and content creator at Bay Area. Her passion is community engagement and representation in global campaigns, and her mission extends to empowering communities on and offline. If you’re looking for ways to combine your love for creativity with your passion for tech, Joy is a great example of how to mix two different worlds to create something magical. Her work has been featured in the Los Angeles Times, AdWeek, AfroTech, Deadline, The Everygirl and more. Many new followers come to her platforms for the content but keep scrolling for the fun and laughter. 

Theresa Sue

TikTok: Resasue

Instagram: @resasue

Highest followers: 183k

Theresa, a.k.a #urfavtechie, is a tech career coach and Technology project Manager at the Major Baseball League (MLB). With more than 183, 000 followers and 1.5 M likes on TikTok, your fave techie dedicates a lot of her content to helping her followers level up with great career advice and tech tips. A common thread throughout Theresa’s content is what it takes to secure a six-figure job in the tech industry. Learn how to finesse your way through multiple interview rounds and tests or see how she became a self-taught coder just by plugging into a few of her TikTok videos. Theresa is amazing at pinpointing entry-level skills techies should hone for career success, and be ready to catch a gem or two that she’ll randomly drop during the week. Outside of her thousands of likes, comments and shares, catch up with Theresa for a good laugh in a few of her social media skits, if you have a good sense of humour. Who says techies don’t have fun?


TikTok: Rawanog

Instagram: Rawanog

Highest followers: 144.4k

Rawan is kind of a triple threat with certified experiences in tech, travel and lifestyle. It’s no wonder she has racked up more than 2.9 M views on TikTok alone. When this techie isn’t sharing a day in her life at her super cool workplace, Meta a.ka. Facebook, she’s out here empowering underrepresented communities by sharing career tips, resources, and advice. Rawan dedicates a whole section of her social media page to resources, scholarships for college students and you can send her a question at any time. Looking for quirky videos on landing your dream job, accessing helpful ‘know hows’ or new tech programs to explore in this changing era? Check out Rawan on TikTok – sis has the plug to put fellow Black female techies on to a bigger and better career game. In her bio, Rawan shares a link to some resources that you can feel free to tap into here. Follow this techie and reshare her content so that other Black females in tech can benefit from her content too.

Hosanna Hali

TikTok: thetechcornr

Instagram: Iamhalih

Twitter: @hosannahali

Highest followers: 54.2k

Hosanna Hali is your favourite ‘fairy tech mother.’ Hosanna is the founder of The Tech Cornr – a platform that helps to inspire and intrigue people to explore a career in tech. With an enviable job as an Azure specialist at Microsoft and a high reach of over 54. k followers on TikTok, the fairy tech mother lives up to her name granting wishes of advice, resources and tips you’d otherwise pay hundreds of dollars to access. Aspiring techies who want to level up their careers should lock into Hosanna’s videos as she goes deep into the nuances of resume building, tech jobs for people with a niche interest, tech companies you can get into without a degree and lots more topics that aren’t spotlighted often. As a Black female in tech, this self-made 20 something-year-old is not only crushing it in her career, but she’s a great role model for other Black women aspiring to disrupt the tech space through socials.

Adepeju Jaiyeoba 

Instagram: adepeju_jaiyeoba

Twitter: @pjlalah 

Highest followers: 3.4k

Adepeju Jaiyeoba is a social entrepreneur, civic leadership expert, development consultant, innovation expert, trained lawyer and public speaker who created the Brown Button Foundation. With an inherent passion for innovation and creating simple solutions to life’s pressing challenges, Adepeju also created Mother’s Delivery Kit which creates low-cost health care options and delivery kits containing basic sterile supplies for expectant mothers in Nigeria. Inspired by high rates of childbirth deaths years ago, Adepju knew she had to use her tech skills and talents to make a change. Since its inception, 50,000 of the sterile kits have been distributed in central and eastern Nigeria, aided by the United States African Development Foundation. When you research top Black female social media influencers, Adepeju pops up among the movers and shakers instrumental in shifting the narrative for females in tech.

Black females in tech have come a far way and it’s refreshing to see them dispelling stereotypes to leave an influential mark everywhere, including on social media platforms. Let’s continue to like, comment and share their content so they can get the exposure they deserve and impact even more lives.

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‘Til next time, have a great one!

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