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Get $2,000 a month to learn and develop into a FULL-STACK DEVELOPER in just 3 months!

Upon graduation, get a guaranteed job!



Obsidi Academy Cohort 3 is DEFERRED until August 2023 – the exact date is forthcoming.


Obsidi is ITERATING the Academy Curriculum to reflect the shifts in both the tech industry’s business needs and Full Stack Developer role requirements.


  • 1. Cohort 3 Applicants: Those in process for Cohort 3 consideration will receive an email in MID-JUNE outlining the next steps. Look out for an email from ‘do-not-reply@criteriacorp.com’.
  • 2. Want to Apply? The Obsidi Academy Application will reopen mid-June.



Obsidi Academy Graduates will:

  • Exceed industry-standard Full Stack Developer job requirements.
  • Start Day 1 work-ready to solve industry tech challenges in a competitive corporate environment.

Career-launching and Game-changing!

Obsidi Academy is a knowledge-based provider, by Black Professionals in Tech Network (BPTN), offering best-in-class tech, business training, and professional development experiences for Black identified Canadians wishing to achieve their career goals through upskilling.


"Fully Stacked" Bootcamp

  • Learn Object Oriented Programming using an enterprise modern programming language (Java). Learn the mechanics of backend development and the use of databases

  • Learn to build and test web APIs using Java spring MVC, hibernate, postgresql, and postman

  • Develop your expertise as a knowledgeable professional and effective program solver in the field

  • Get paid a $2,000 monthly stipend for three months while enrolled in the full-stack developer bootcamp

  • Receive a guaranteed job placement with a competitive salary as a full-stack developer upon graduation

  • Access free training taught by leading industry experts who will help you hone the technical and workplace skills to excel as a full-stack developer


  • Black identified individuals living in Canada (*Residence requirements apply.)
  • Obsidi membership is required. Join for free HERE.
  • Available to work in a hybrid work environment (upon successful Academy graduation and employer onboarding) at least 2 days per week, as per employer workplace policy.
  • DISCLAIMER: Obsidi Academy acceptance/participation is contingent upon Obsidi Academy seat/space availability and Obsidi Academy residence requirements.

Residence requirements

Legally and physically reside in Canada (prior to the start date of Obsidi Academy*) within 1 hour commuting time or 50KM distance to one of the following cities:
  • London, Ontario
  • Waterloo, Ontario
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Ottawa, Ontario
  • Montreal, Quebec
    (*French is the official and common language.)
  • Calgary, Alberta (*Availability is limited.)
*NOTE: Proof of residence and verification of commuting time/distance will be requested during the application process.