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Obsidi®️ Academy: Expertly Trained Developers Ready to Impact Your Company Goals From Day One.

What is Obsidi® Academy?

Obsidi® Academy provides leading companies with talent tailored to their profile and fit, with skills based on real corporate requirements and business needs.

Obsidi® Academy Partners

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How The Program Works

With 3-months of intensive hands-on training, this full-time program prepares you to confidently impact a business on day 1.

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The Opportunity for Tech Leaders

Mitigate Risk

Stay ahead of industry trends and be seen as an employer of choice.

Develop New Products

By teams who understand and can relate to end users.

Prevent Existing Biases

AI and new tech will amplify underrepresented groups' challenges within the global tech ecosystem if not tackled head-on.

Build Strong Teams

Increase the efficiency of your team and organization while building an inclusive culture that enables new hires to thrive with trained top Black talent.


BPTN creates Obsidi® Academy in partnership with TD to create a one-of-a-kind solution to acquire highly trained Black software developers.

2022 - 2023

TD onboarded 121 Obsidi® Academy alums as Associate Software Engineer, filling roles across 13 business units.


BPTN aims to train and hire 10,000 new Black software developers through Obsidi® Academy over the next decade, calling for industry leaders to join the charge.

Jan 2024

Executives from organizations, including TD, BMO, Telus, Scotiabank, and CIBC answer the call, prompting BPTN to open 100 additional Obsidi® Academy training slots this year.

What's Next?

Join the industry leaders from across North America who chose Obsidi® Academy to recruit expertly trained developers ready to make an impact on day one!

Additional Talent Solutions Include:

Obsidi® Recruit

Only Obsidi® Recruit has thousands of qualified black tech professionals looking for their next career opportunity. Post up to 10 jobs/month directly to Obsidi® Recruit and achieve your business goals with a diverse network of Black tech talent from across North America.

Obsidi® Awards

Celebrate and support the best and brightest in the Black tech community and capitalize on the brand positioning and awareness opportunities to attract top executive talent.

BFUTR 2024 Global Tech Summit

The annual 2-day summit provides companies with recruitment and branding opportunities on the BFUTR Marketplace, executive B2B business connections, thought leadership experiences, and more.