Release Note

Last update to Release Note – September 28, 2023

Release Note

  • Release – Sept 28th 2023

    Version v.2.9.0 – New Updates, Improvements and Fixes


    There is an enhancement to the BFUTR2023 event experience with the introduction of new Meal Ticket system! Day 1 and Day 2 meal can be selected online on BFUTR2023 events page

    • Members can now pre-purchase Meal Tickets after registering for BFUTR2023 events.
    • Members can select the meals for each day.
    • Members will receive the confirmation email after purchasing the Meal ticket with detailed information on time-slot, meal selected and invoice
    • Updated the content on confirmation email for ticket purchase to promote the Meal tickets


    • When creating jobs, we’ve made ‘country’ field as mandatory. This will help to get essential location information for any jobs and thus helping member’s to search for jobs.
    • Improvements to the user interface (UI) for viewing jobs and job details page. These changes are aimed at providing a more intuitive and user-friendly experience for recruiters.

    Improvement & Bug Fixes:

    • Updated the BFUTR confirmation email to show only claim code if the tickets are bulk purchased or Redeemed
    • Platform UI enhancements related to colour, button size, pills and more to come.
    • Fixed the issue where user’s were able to bypass the onboarding to register for the events.
  • Release – Sept 18th 2023
    Version v.2.8.4 – Improvement

    Tech Talk:

    • Updated the consent copy for the Tech-talk registration.
  • Release – Aug 31st 2023
    Version v.2.8.0 – New Updates, Improvements and Fixes


    • Members can now access the ‘Jobs’ easily from nav bar on web and footer on mobile browsers
    • We’ve revamped the Create Jobs page with a range of formatting options.
    • With our new formatting options, recruiters can now tailor their job descriptions to stand out and capture candidates’ attention with text styling, bullet points and numbering, different alignments and indentations.
    • When creating jobs, we’ve made two fields: ‘Job Type’ and ‘Workplace’ mandatory. This will help to create more informative job listings, leading to better matches and a more efficient job search experience.
    • Improved the UI for jobs card and jobs details page for clarity and efficiency.
    • Each card now displays essential information at a glance, including job title, location, job type, workplace. The new layout ensures that you can quickly assess more jobs.

    BFUTR 2023:

    • We have introduced new field to update the user information while purchasing and claiming the ticket which will enhance event management and partners to prepare better for networking and recruit.
    • Updated the content on confirmation email for ticket purchase to promote upgrading from General to VIP Passes.
    • Updated the content on the registration page for users to upgrade from general to VIP ticket

    Platform User Interface (UI) enhancement:

    • Our platform UI has undergone a comprehensive refresh with redefined typography, layout and polished appearance. More platform improvements related to UI will be coming in our next release.
    • Active states on Nav bar for web and Footer(Mobile)

    Improvement & Bug Fixes:

    • While creating a comment, user will now see character count displayed below the comment input box. As user type, the character count will update, ensuring you always know how many characters you’ve used.
    • Fixed the issue where ‘copy link to post’ was redirecting incorrectly.
    • Fixed the issue where tagged user was not seen correctly on Activity log page for recruiters.
  • Release – July 6th 2023
    Version v.2.6.0

    1. Members can now engage with anyone on the platform by tagging them either on a post or a comment.
    2. The social media icons on the platform and all email notifications have been updated with the new social media handles.
    3. Improved platform performance for better user experience.
  • Release – June 21st 2023
    Version v.2.5.0 – Improvements

    1. On mobile view, the jobs icon is added to footer for easy access.
    2. Job’s private page has new Search and Filter feature for you to find relevant opportunities quickly and efficiently which is located on right panel of feed under Do-More section .

    Other improvement and fixes:
    1. Few design improvements on summit 2023 registration page
    2. On mobile view, My Page icon which was previously located in the footer, has been moved to the side navigation bar for better user experience.
  • Release – June 6th 2023

    Version v.2.4.0 – New Updates, Improvements, Fixes

    BFUTR 2023

    1. Redesign of BFUTR 2023 ticket registration page
    2. Redesign of BFUTR 2023 ticket claiming and confirmation page
    3. Members who purchase BFUTR 2023 VIP tickets will now receive a sales receipt via email

    1. Enabled the partner subscription renewal notification
    2. The Jobs tab on Tea spot and Private Jobs page will now show all the Active and Non-Active Jobs.
    3. Fixed the issue related content feed to maintain fixed width size for post.
    4. Fixed some errors on content feed.
  • Release – May 23rd 2023

    Version v.2.3.1 – Fixes

    1. Fixed the issue related to banner image on company profile page.
    2. Enabled the partner subscription renewal notification.
  • Release – May 11th 2023

    Version v.2.3.0 – Improvements and Fixes

    Improvement and fixes:

    1. Fixed the issue on search page, where some searches were redirecting incorrectly.
    2. Fixed the issue on mobile browser for channels where first messages were not visible completely due to long channel description.
    3. Fixed the location field on Jobs page, where extra character was showing up if some fields were not added.
    4. Fixed the issue where jobs on mobile browser was re-directing to blank page for admins
    5. Improvement: Channels page will now show partner company logo and will direct user to the partner’s public page
    6. Other improvements across platform for better user experience.
  • Release – April 26th 2023

    Version v.2.2.0 – New Updates

    Obsidi Recruit & Obsidi Community:

    1. Members can view and join a company’s public channel from a new entry point. This new entry point is available on company’s public profile page. Visit company’s profile page to get access to their public channel.


    1. The search page has been redesigned to provide easy access to following search clusters: All Results, People, Companies, Channels & Communities
    2. Members can now view company’s tab and communities tab on search page
    3. Members can now view all the Public channel on search page

    Other improvement and fixes:

    1. Fixed the issue resulting in the usage summary, for some Obsidi Recruit accounts, not updating as expected.
    2. Fixed issue resulting in the inability of some administrative users for Obsidi Communities to send messages via chat
    3. Fixed issue resulting in the inability of members to update their email notification preference using the toggle button.
    4. Fixed the issue on search page where tabs were not switching upon clicking by users
    5. Other improvements across platform for better user experience
  • Release – March 29th 2023

    Version v.2.1.0 – New Updates


    1. Members will now be able to know, via the chat feature, if another member is online/active (green dot) or offline/inactive (red dot).

    Summit 2023 Registration:

    1. After registering for a Tech Talk, members will now view a modal providing information on BFUTR 2023 and a means of purchasing a BFUTR 2023 General Pass. The registration confirmation email is also include this information

    Obsidi Recruit:

    1. Improvement on Job Location field – The location field has been changed to a dropdown selection, allowing admins to easily select their country, province, and city for jobs in Canada and United States

    Fixes & Improvement:

    1. Bug resulting in multiple videos playing simultaneously on the content feed has now been fixed.
    2. Improvement: users can now use the arrow key to highlight suggested search words when the search bar is clicked.
    3. Improvement: the header section for the chat feature is now clickable.
    4. Improvement: members will now view the loader sign when switching from one mode e.g. dark to another
  • Release – March 8th, 2023

    Version v.2.0.0 – New Updates

    Real-time Chat:

    We are excited to announce the release of our redesigned and updated chat functionality. Members now will be able to chat real-time with their connections. Chat feature is now located at the bottom-right corner on the platform.

    1. Members can now send and receive seamless, and instant messages with their connections
    2. Members can view an icon indicating new and unread messages on chat menu and chat list.

    Obsidi Recruit:

    1. Admins can now add job url when creating a new Jobs in the new field ‘Job URL’.
    2. When a partner admin inputs the job url, members (job applicants) will be redirected to company’s job url page, usually the job ATS, when the ‘Apply Now’ button is clicked

    Summit 2023 Registration:

    1. Members will now view a modal, after registering for a Tech Talk, nudging them to purchase a BFUTR 2023 General Pass


    1. Inclusion of reference link to ‘Cultivate’ on ‘Do More’ section on content feed for web view
  • Release – February 8th, 2023

    Version v.1.4.0 – New Updates


    We are introducing a new channel feature. With this feature, multiple users will now be able to engage in group chats. The feature will be available by default to all community partners and partners on the Obsidian package with each partner having one (1) private channel. The feature is located below the upcoming events section on the left sidebar of Tea Spot (content feed page).

    • Channel admins can add (anyone on platform), view or remove members of the channel
    • Channel admins can edit the channel settings and can change a channel from private (only visible to members added to the channel) to public (visible to all members on Obsidi)
    • Members can join any public channel at any point of time
    • Members of a channel can send messages within the channel group
    • Members can only add their own connection to any public channels


    • Members can now engage their connections by tagging them on either a post or a comment
    • Tagged members will receive in-app & email notifications of being tagged


    • On the sign-in & sign-up page, members can now view their password by clicking on the unmask password icon
    • Members can now skip payment and skip community onboarding process during the partner account creation.
    • The copy on the landing page has been updated.
  • Release – January 18th, 2023

    Version v.1.3.0 – Improvements

    BPTN Tech Talks:

    • The copy for Masterclasses has been updated from “Masterclass” to “BPTN Tech Talks” to reflect the new event format
    • Members will now receive an in-app notification when a new “BPTN Tech Talks” is launched.
    • Members who register for virtual “BPTN Tech Talks” events will now receive a registration confirmation for email
    • Members who register for a “BPTN Tech Talks” event will now receive an email and an in-app notification reminder one (1) week prior to the event
    • Members who register for a “BPTN Tech Talks” event will now receive an email and an in-app notification reminder 24hrs prior to the event
  • Release – December 15th, 2022

    New Updates: (Homepage – Obsidi)

    • Obsidi By BPTN Award page
    • New Obsidi Community page
  • Release – 14th Dec. 2022 Version v.1.2.0 – New Updates
    • Members can register for the Summit BFUTR 2023 by purchasing the General Pass
    • Trigger confirmation email after registering for BFUTR 2023
    Obsidi Recruit:
    • A company’s administrative (admin) user can now view the number of applicants who applied for a Job
  • Release – December 7th, 2022

    Version v.1.1.0 – Improvement & Fixes

    Obsidi Recruit

    1. A company’s administrative (admin) user, with job posting permission, can now indicate if an applicant has been hired for a job posting by turning on the toggle button on the “view applicant” page.
    2. A company’s administrative (admin) user can now view the updated copy authorizing the admin user to create a company page.
    3. The applicable tax when purchasing an Obsidi Recruit package has been disabled.


    1. Members who have applied for jobs will now receive the In-app notification when a recruiter views the application.
    2. Members can now view the updated copy for the Main Goals (on the profile page).
    3. Members who have not logged on to Obsidi for either 7days or 21 days will now receive email notifications nudging them to login.
  • Release – November 9th, 2022

    Version v.1.0.0 – New Features, Improvements & Fixes

    We released two (2) new products on Obsidi: Obsidi Recruit and Obsidi Community

    Obsidi Recruit

    With Obsidi recruit, companies can now have a presence on Obsidi and will be able to engage with our members. Companies will also be able to post jobs and carry out a plethora of recruitment-related activities. Companies can sign-up via one of three (3) packages, i.e. Bronze, Silver and Obsidian and on-boarding can be done via payment use of a credit card or a purchase code.


    1.Admin users with the relevant permission can: 

    2.Post Contents

    • Create a post or comment on a post either as a company or regular member
    • View activity log for all company-related posts and comments.

    3.Post Jobs

    • Create/add jobs, close, repost and renew a job
    • Manage job applicants and view resumes of Obsidi members

    4.Direct Messaging (DM)

    • Access to advanced search filter. Seven (7) additional fields have been added.
    • Send a DM to members (connected and non-connected) on Obsidi

    5.Admin-Related Tasks

    • Edit and update company page
    • Add other members as admin on company page and specify desired permissions to be granted.
    • View usage summary of their subscription & can view the yearly metric data
    • Invite members to follow their company page
    • View followers of a company

    Obsidi Community 

    Obsidi Community is focused primarily on not-for-profit and non-governmental organization (NGO) focused on advancing the socio-cultural and socio-economic needs of Black professionals. Sign-up is free.


    1.Admin users with the relevant permission can: 

    2.Post Contents

    • Create a post or comment on a post either as a community or regular member.
    • View activity log for all community-related posts and comments.

    3.Admin-Related Tasks

    • Edit and update community page
    • Invite members to follow their community page
    • Add other members as admin on community page and specify desired permissions to be granted.
    • View followers of a community

    Members Based on the new functionalities for Obsidi Recruit & Obsidi Community, members can now:

    • View company and community page on Obsidi
    • Search for people, companies and communities
    • Access new Jobs tab on content feed
    • Apply and view jobs posted by different companies
    • Follow different companies and communities on platform
    • Receive emails when a company admin sends direct message (DM)

    New Features

    • Receive emails when connection request is received and accepted
    • Receive email confirmation once password is changed/updated

    Fixes & Improvements

    • Fixed scroll on Pings notification overlay
    • Re-designed confirmation code & reset password emails.
    • Member will be restricted to use last five recents passwords while changing password from platform.
    • Logout will re-direct user to landing page
    • New Members will see FAQ link on welcome modal
    • Re-designed the password validator during Sign-up process
    • BFUTR registered members can view ‘Watch View Recording’ button on Summit Page
  • Release – September 28th, 2022
    1. Summit:
    • Member’s will receive updated DM & email notification as a reminder for Summit registration.
    • Member’s can view currency as USD on Get pass modal
          2. Members:
    • Temporal removal of the URL Preview for posts
  • Release – September 21st, 2022

    New Updates on

    1. New Obsidi home page

    2. New Obsidi blog list page

    3. New Obsidi blog details page

    Hot Fix for Summit on
    1. Added the USD to Summit Page & Get Pass Modal
  • Release – September 14th, 2022
    Version v.0.9.6 – Improvements & Fixes Summit:
    • Re-designed Summit details page
    • Re- designed Summit Speaker page & modal
    • Members claiming a summit ticket will now receive an In-app notification.
    • Members will now receive reminder notifications to claim their passes: a week prior to the Summit, 48 hours & 24 hours prior to the Summit.
    • Added HST number on Get Pass Modal for Summit.
    • Member’s will receive DM & email notification weekly as a reminder for registering for Summit
    • Re-designed Direct Message(DM) chat box
    • Members will now receive an in-app notification as a reminder to complete their profile on 30th day of sign-up.
    • Removed Music player from Onboarding page for smooth registration process
    • Fixed scroll issue on Pings overlay
  • Release – August 31st, 2022
    Version v.0.9.5 – Improvements
    • Members attending in-person masterclass event will now receive a registration confirmation email.
    • Members purchasing bulk (more than one) summit tickets will now receive a redesigned email.
    • Members making a self-purchase ticket for the summit will now receive an In-app notification.
  • Release – August 17th, 2022
    Version v.0.9.4 – Improvements
    1. Member
    • New members will now receive a redesigned welcome email
    • New members will now receive a distinct email notification, highlighting the need for members to engage and connect, each day for the first the seven (7) days after onboarding.
    • New visualization to aid members in achieving 100% profile completion. Each section of a member’s profile (e.g. career summary) now has a distinct completion tracker .
    • Members will now receive a badge on their profile page for achieving 100% profile completion.
    1. Summit
    • Member’s will view now view a pinned post, for BFUTR 2022, on the content feed and the BFUTR 2022 banner on the event list page.
    • Revised the tax payment for VIP summit tickets, by keeping only HST.
  • Release – August 4th, 2022
    Version v.0.9.3 – Improvements & Fixes
    1. Summit Updates:
    • Members can now view the BFUTR 2022 summit invite link (different from ‘invite peeps’) on following sections.
    • On Summit BFUTR event details page – By Clicking on ‘Share Event’ on ‘Get Pass’ Modal
    • On My Page/On Event list page – By clicking on ellipses over the summit BFUTR 2022 event card
    • Members can now register for the summit irrespective of their profile completion status. The profile validation has been eliminated
    • Member’s who have not yet purchased summit ticket will now receive in-app notification twice a month to register.
    • The Join button on Summit BFUTR 2022, will be enabled a week prior to the date of event.
    • Added ‘Become a partner’ link on partner section on the BFUTR 2022 event details page.
    • Updates on Summit Page – added/modified seven (7) speakers
    2. On scrolling the suggested connections page, more members (non-connections) will be loaded 3. Re-designed the Forgot Password/Recover your password section.
    1. The following bugs were fixed:
    • Non-receipt of confirmation code for a pending sign-up process.
    • Non-display of messages in the DM overlay
  • Release – July 20th, 2022
    Version v.0.9.2 – Improvements & Fixes
    • Redesigned login/signup page to simplify sign-up/login using either single sign-on (SSO) or email
    • Members will now be able to upload images with file size of up to 2MB (previously 1MB)
    • Members will now be able to view the available seats for Hybrid & In-person events on the events details page
    • ‘Show More’ on content feed on suggested connection section will redirect members to a new page which will show more suggested connections.
    • Updates on Summit Page – Added 2 new speakers & updated supporting partner logo
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed uploading resume with filename to accept all special character.
  • Release – July 6th, 2022

    Version v.0.9.0 – In-App Notification & Fixes


    • Introducing a 5-day In-app notifications for New Members to engage and connect

    Improvements & Fixes

    • Simplified and consolidated the consent copy on Events details page

    • In-Person events will now show ‘Join’ button after registering and Member’s need to join via phone on event day as a confirmation on arrival.

    • Suggested connection section will show up to 10 Member profiles to connect with.

  • Release – June 24th, 2022

    Release – June 24th, 2022

    Version v.0.8.2 – Hot Fix for Summit 2022

    • Updated the ticket purchase flow

      • Removed Checkout on ticket flow so that Member’s can directly click on Pay.

      • Removed some copy from Get & Redeem Pass

      • Removed Number of tickets for self purchases

      • Updated the copy of error message on Get Pass

      • If payment fails, redirects back to previous payment section.

  • Release – June 22nd, 2022
    Version v.0.8.1 – Improvements for Summit 2022 
    • Updated copy on Agenda, Description, Pass benefits for BFUTR Global Tech Summit Page
    • Added Address on Summit banner
    • Added ticket type on confirmation Email & share pass email
  • Release – June 21st, 2022
    New Features:
    • BFUTR Global Tech Summit 2022 event
    • Re-built the BFUTR Summit 2022 event details page
    • Added new “All Speakers Page”
    • Re-built the Get Pass for purchasing the ticket
    • Re-built the Claim Pass for registering the event
    • Re-built the registration flow to validate profile details first
    • Re-built the email for summit 2022
    • Trigger Confirmation email after registering for Masterclass events
    • Removed “How would you like to Join” questionnaire for In-Person masterclass events
    • Removed Join button for In-person masterclass events
    • Re-designed, editing your setting & privacy for web & mobile
    • Re-arranged, Upload Resume on setting & privacy for better visibility
    Bug Fixes:
    • Fixed connection tab not showing new accepted connections immediately
  • Release – June 8th, 2022
    Version v.0.7.2 – Bug Fixes & Improvements
    Bug Fixes
    • Fixed the intermittent Direct Message issue i.e, message not being populated in Chat Box.
    • Updated the copy for Become a Member and Login Page
    • Join buttons becomes enabled 10min prior to an event commencement for registered members.
    • Added a copy under Join button on Events page.
    • Added time-zone to the start time of all Events
    • ‘View Profile’ button added for each suggested connection on Member profile page.
  • Release – May 26th, 2022

    Version v. –  Improvements


    • Updated Repost Modal to a Page on Mobile

    • Re-designed Connections Page

    • Mode of Joining an event has been added while registering for Hybrid / In-Person events

  • Release – May 10th, 2022

    Version v.0.7.0 –  Bug Fixes & Improvements

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed issue where users from different timezones were not able to join the event.

    • Fixed Join button not clickable for Safari Browser on Mobile due to Block pop-ups

    • Fixed Search issue on Mobile & Web

    • Fixed Edit profile for Members


    • Updated Member onboarding from a Modal to Page

    • Updated the UI for Member Profile Page

    • Updated Member public profile page to reflect their respective Tea spot

    • Updated Hint text on the Masterclass registration consent card

  • Release – April 27th, 2022

    Version – Bug Fixes

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the performance issue for search on Web

    • Fixed masterclass ticket details from not showing in Manage pass

  • Release – April 13th, 2022

    Version – Masterclass Event, Improvement & Bug Fixes

    Masterclass Event –

    • Blockchain and Beyond: Exploring the Future of Blockchain and How You Can Ride the Wave – Presented by CIBC on April 28, 2022

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed the redirection issue with preview url when HTTP(S) is not added

    • Fixed register button to be not shown after user registers for an Event via Obsidi flow


    • Updated Speaker details, Events Sponsor and Events Banner for April 21st 2022 Masterclass

  • Release – March 31st, 2022

    Version 0.6.3 – Feedback Form, Events & Improvement

    Feedback Form – Members can fill and send Feedback form directly on Obsidi

    Event – Members can now register for Events created by Admins directly on Obsidi

    Masterclass EventsAdded the following Events:

    • Demystifying Skills Required to Thrive in Tech and Crisis – Presented by Sun Life on April 13th 2022

    • The New Normal: How You Can Flourish in a Hybrid Work Environment – Presented by TWG on April 21st 2022


    • Updated Speaker details for Event – Black Voices in AI | Different Paths Offer Unique Perspective on April 6, 2022

  • Release – March 22nd, 2022

    Version 0.6.2 – Search, Improvements & Fixes

    What’s New?

    Search – Search results page has a new look with easy access to the filter

    Event – Added the following Events

    Lunch and Learn –

    Black Voices in AI | Different Paths Offer Unique Perspective on April 6, 2022

    Masterclass –

    HealthTech: How AI and Machine Learning Scale Scientific Discovery in Healthcare – Presented by BenchSci on April 7, 2022

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed videos from playing automatically when you post a video from an IOS device

    • Fixed new line issue on comments and posts


    • Updated the post card section

    • Updated Speaker details for Masterclass Event – Winning Together: The Positive Impacts of Being a Socially Responsible Tech Company – Presented by Clio on March 24, 2022

    • Updated Speaker details for Masterclass Event – Mastering Data Transformation To Propel your Business – Presented by Citi on March 31st, 2022

  • Hot-Fix Release – Mar 4th, 2022

    Version 0.6.1 – Onboarding Fixes

    • Fixed the Onboarding Modal to auto-populate the user name from originating social media platform

    • Updated the content of discard modal during onboarding

  • Release – Mar 2nd, 2022

    Version 0.6.0 – Invitation, Reactions, Events & Fixes

    What’s New?

    Invitation– Members can invite peeps using their unique link

    Reactions – Members can now view who reacted to their posts via new Reaction modal

    Do More Section – Inclusion of external reference links to the following services: Mentorship, Job opportunities , Executive Networking

    EventsAdded the following Events

    • Black Women in Tech: Disrupting the Industry – Presented By RBC on March 10, 2022

    • The Future of Tech Consulting: From Strategy to Transformation – Presented by PwC on March 17, 2022

    • Winning Together: The Positive Impacts of Being a Socially Responsible Tech Company – Presented by Clio on March 24, 2022

    • Mastering Data Transformation To Propel your Business – Presented by Citi on March 31, 2022

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed URL Preview in Posts

    • Fixed Direct Message box closing after every refresh


    • Updated search result description

    • Updated Login and Become a Member copy

    • Members can now view counts on my Tribe for the following tabs: connected, received, pending and blocked

  • Hot-Fix Release – Feb 18th, 2022

    Version 0.5.2 – Hot-Fix

    • Updated event link for Feb 24th 2022

  • Hot-Fix Release – Feb 17th, 2022

    Version 0.5.1 – Improvement and Fixes

    Fix & Improvements

    • Removed email address of speakers from events page

    • Reinstated Login/Register via email icon

    • Fixed Register route on events

    • Updated banner Image for events

    • Fixed bottom nav bar on mobile

    • Updated social Login Logos

    • Updated Email content

    • Reinstated Signup and Password Reset Email

  • Release – Feb 16th, 2022

    Version 0.5.0 – Events, Registration, Login, Unsubscribe on email, Content Feed, Profile , Improvements & Bug Fixes

    What’s New?

    Registration – members have a new registration page

    Login – members have a new login page

    Unsubscribe on email – members have the option to unsubscribe from emails via the email received


    • An inclusive Metaverse: The power of visual representation in design and marketing! – Presented by Shutterstock – Feb 17th

    • People First: A Human-Centric Approach to Building and Sustaining Digital Transformation – Presented by Sponsors – Feb 24th

    • You Belong in Sales: How Diverse Sales Teams Drive Revenue – Presented by Sponsors – Mar 3rd

    Content Feed

    • As a user, I would like to see preview of the URL in a post


    • As a user, I want to navigate to Main goal(s) for joining Obsidi, so that I can view “Seeking a Mentor” as an option


    • Improvement on Mobile footer and overlay options

    • Return “mode” option back to the user profile menu

    • Include the “Clear All” feature in Pings for mobile interface

    • Removed past events from the event feed scroller

    • Upload video limit on post has been updated to 25MB

    Bug Fixes

    • Fixed Single post page not showing comments count

    • Fixed comment scrolling issue

  • Hot- Fix Release- Feb 10th, 2022

    Version – Improvement

    Improvement – Members that created their account using the same email as their social account (Google, LinkedIn or Slack) can now login using social login options

  • Hot- Fix Release- Feb 8th, 2022

    Version – Improvement

    Improvement – Disabled registration using email

  • Hot- Fix Release- Feb 4th, 2022

    Version – Improvement

    Improvement – Disabled invite peeps

  • Hot- Fix Release- Feb 3rd, 2022

    Version 0.4.7 – Bug Fix

    Bug Fix – Restored the 3rd Feb Event on Events page

  • Hot- Fix Release- Jan 31st, 2022

    Version 0.4.3 – Search & Improvements

    Search – Added filter button on search bar across the platform


    • Added partner Logo for Feb 3rd and Feb 10th masterclass event

    • Enabled RSVP button for Feb 3rd and Feb 10th events, clicking RSVP buttons redirects to the Intrado event page

    • Removed past events from the event feed scroller

    • Changed Connections to My Tribe for Insights card

    • Update masterclass event Images for Feb 3rd and Feb 10th

    • Updated Web/Mobile landing Page with the following

      1. Removed Partner Benefits from Navigation Bar

      2. Removed Become a Partner Button from banner

      3. Moved Events Section to come after benefits of Membership Section

      4. Replaced Banner text

  • Hot-Fix Release – Jan 27th, 2022

    Version 0.4.2 – Content Feed, Events, Improvements & Bug Fixes

    Content Feed – Members can now view metrics for upcoming Events and Connections

    Events – Added the following Events

    1. Lemons to Lemonade: Creating Opportunities for Black Professionals in the Tech Space – Presented by RBC on Feb. 10, 2022
    2. Find your Tribe – The Cheat Code to Crushing Your Career in 2022! – Presented by HPE on Feb. 3, 2022


    1. Updated all rights reserved Date to 2022 for Obsidi emails

    2. Removed the Beta banner from the platform

    3. Enabled hyperlinks in direct message

    Bug Fixes

    1. Fixed the time-lapse for when a connection request is received and accepted

    2. On Connected tab, fixed load more on scroll for Safari browser

    3. Removed  “Check out my website” for Members who haven’t add website url to their profile

    4. Fixed active chats not displaying in the direct message overlay

    5. Fixed first comment on a post displaying NaN in the comment count instead of the number

    6. On mobile, fixed posts cutting off

  • Hot-Fix Release – Jan 21st, 2022

    Version 0.4.1 Bug Fixes

    1. Multiple Email Bug

    2. Content Feed – Comment Count

    3. Direct Message – Overlay Scrolling (Webapp/Mobile)

  • Release – Jan 20th, 2022

    Version 0.4.0 – Bug Fixes & Improvements


    1. Improved Obsidi’s performance on mobile and web

    2. Reduced the filter drop down box within Manage pass and across the platform on mobile view

    3. Improved the user interface on mobile and web view

    4. Reduced the headline limit on profile to 250 characters

    5. Few improvements for reaction icons and notifications

    Bug Fixes

    1. Fixed profile image not displaying when you login or become a Member via social accounts

    2. Fixed the direct message showing white page

    3. Fixed Pings overlay to show all the notifications

    4. Fixed Accepting connection request for Members with long headline

    5. Fixed Clicking on ellipse for comment to stop redirecting Members to top of the page

    6. Fixed Comments not showing up on post after 5 comments

    7. Pinned music icon on the bottom left across the platform

  • Hot-Fix Release – Dec 16th, 2021

    Version 0.3.1 – Bug, Fixes & Improvements

    1. Fixed Member profile website hyperlink
    2. Edit post bug fix
    3. Edit direct message bug fix
    4. Disable buttons on past event
    5. Fixed Single Sign On profile Image issue
    6. Other improvements across platform for better user experience
  • Release – Dec 8th, 2021

    Version 0.3.0 – Direct Message, Notification, Resume, Content feed, Improvements & Bug Fixes

    What’s new?

    Direct Message – Members can start and view conversation with their connections. Members can edit and delete the conversation within 10min of message sent

    Notificationmembers can clear all notifications within notification overlay

    Resume – members can upload their resume (doc & pdf) and also have the option to display or not display their resume on my their public profile page

    Profile – members can remove profile image and can see their posts in profile page

    Content Feedmembers can edit their post, add hyperlink to their post and delete any comment on their posts

    Bug Fixes

    1. Fixed sending duplicate emails

    2. Fixed onboarding questions to stop displaying to onboarded members when they login

    3. Fixed first name and last name in the onboarding questionnaire to stop accepting only space in the fields

    4. Fixed create a post modal to stop saving post as credentials on Windows devices

    5. Fixed google icon to be clickable

    6. Fixed dropdown menu for Windows devices

    1. Updated reactions icons on content feed

    2. On mobile, members can view their first name on the side-bar

    3. Updated look and feel on emails sent from Obsidi

    4. Improvements on Web and Mobile for better user experience

  • Post-Beta Hot-Fix Release- Nov 3rd, 2021

    Post-Beta Hot-Fix Release- Nov 3rd, 2021

    Version 0.2.1 – Registration, Improvements & Bug Fixes

    What’s new?

    Registration – Members can register and login using Google

    Register for BFUTR Summit  – Users are no longer redirected to Eventbrite to get Tickets


    1. Updated onboarding questions modal

    2. Enabled special characters on Name fields

    3. Removed filter for events detail page

    4. Updated the single sign on login size

    5. Updated Become a member modal title

    6. Updated paragraph on create a post to stop merging after posting

    7. Updated email login/registration process

    Bug Fixes

    1. Fixed redirecting to profile page when you click on another Members image on their profile page

    2. Fixed profile picture on Navigation bar to stop reflecting another Members profile photo when on their profile page

    3. Fixed link copying for posts

    4. Fixed duplicate comments on content feed

    5. Fixed missing post on content feed tabs

    6. Fixed and removed typeerror on search page

    7. Fixed invalid email error handling

  • Beta Release- Oct 21st, 2021

    Version 0.2.0 – Registration, Content, Notification & Connection

    What’s new?

    Registration – emails are validated by using a code and members account would be locked after three invalid attempts

    Navigation Bar- members can view Tea Spot, My Tribe and Pings on Navigation bar

    Content Feed Page – members can:

    1. view their post and other members post on the content feed page

    2. create posts and delete posts

    3. share, comment, edit comment and react on posts

    4. view gist and events

    Email – members can receive the following emails from Obsidi:

    1. registration and welcome emails

    2. emails for shared pass and instructions on how to claim the shared pass

    3. emails to reset password after three invalid attempts

    4. emails when connection request is received and accepted

    5. emails when another member comments on your post

    Search – members can search using the filter on search result page

    Manage Pass – unclaimed passes can be shared with others

    Connection – members can:

    1. view blocked connection tab

    2. view suggested connection on Obsidi

    Profile – 

    1. years of experience can be added to profile

    2. image upload has been limited to 5mb

    3. view profile page from dropdown menu on navigation bar


    1. members can receive and view notifications


    1. updated confirmation/ discard modals pop up with ok and cancel buttons

    2. changed go back button to cancel in the edit box

    3. removed question mark icon and related content in edit profile

    4. improved the user interface on Obsidi

     Bug Fixes

    1. removed duplicated city (Vancouver)

    2. members can view headlines of their connections

    3. fixed mismatch in profile tracker percentage on summit details page

  • Pre-Beta release- Aug 19th, 2021

    Version 0.1.2 BFUTR Summit Registration, Pass Dashboard & Summit Updates

    What’s new?

    Register for BFUTR Summit 

    1. Users are redirected to Eventbrite summit page to purchase ticket/pass from BFUTR Summit page CTA’s

    Pass Dashboard

    1. Members can view who claimed a pass in the manage pass dashboard

    Summit Updates

    1. Sponsors – new sponsors signed on:

      1. Intuit, founding partner

      2. VTS, supporting partner

    1. Speakers – speakers were added;
      1. Adam Evans, VP cybersecurity, RBC


    1. Updated tickets to have ‘get your pass’ instead of buy your ticket

    2. Updated summit name on events card to ‘BFUTR Global tech summit 2021’ instead of Summit

  • Pre-Beta release- August 12th 2021

    Version 0.1.1 Connections, Search & Pass Dashboard

    What’s new?

    Connections – members can connect with other members

    1. Total number of connections can be viewed on members profile

    2. Connected members can be removed and blocked

    3. Pending request can now be cancelled for members that haven’t accepted your request

    4. On the received tab you can accept and decline connection requests

    Search Bar – members can search for other members, and see all members

    1. You can search for members using first name and last name

    2. An auto populated list of members comes up when you click on the search bar

    3. All members on Obsidi can be found using the search all link on the search bar

    4. Connect, pending and view profile buttons for each member are found after you click on the search all link

    5. You can view other members profile and see connect, pending and connected

    Pass Dashboard – members can view all passes

    1. To find passes faster members can filter passes using the purchased, claimed and unclaimed options

    2. Dashboard functionality is clickable and you can view claimed pass, unclaimed pass and purchased pass

    3. You can click on the view button to under action in the Pass dashboard to view the ticket details and the name of the person that claimed the ticket

    4. Ticket details can be accessed using the view button under the pass dashboard, the ticket details also includes information on who claimed the pass

    Summit updates

    1. Summit updates

      1. Sponsors – Five new sponsors signed on:

        1. Yelp, supporting sponsor

        2. Rogers, collaborating sponsor

        3. TEK system, supporting sponsor

        4. Mediabrands & Kinesso (formerly known as Initiative), supporting sponsor

        5. Workday as a leadership level sponsor

      2. Speakers – Ten speakers were added;

        1. Christelle Francois, President, Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce

        2. Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson, TD Bank

        3. Anna Hughes-Moreau, VP, Enterprise Process Engineering, TD Bank

        4. Michele C. Meyers-Shipp, Chief People & Culture Officer, Major League Baseball

        5. Syreeta Gordon-Taitt, Manager of Enterprise Business Reps, Salesforce

        6. Sahar Rahmani, Sr. Director, Global Cyber Security, RBC

        7. Don Dele, Sr. Director, Digital Technology, RBC

        8. Josh Gordon, Sr. Manager, Software Architecture, Bell

        9. Taisha Lewis, Partner, Securities and M&A, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP

        10. Lavone Monroe, Head of Global TA, HPE


    1. Updated navigation height on all pages on Obsidi

    2. Updated Url for become a partner on Obsidi

    3. Updated confirmation email after registration

    4. Removed BPTN T-shirt from VIP offer

    Bug Fixes

    1. Fixed bug for duplicate email registered on Obsidi

    2. Fixed bug for LinkedIn Icon not showing on Light mode

  • Alpha Release- July 15th 2021

    Version 0.1.0 – Member Profile

    New Feature:

    1. Members can view and edit their profile on the platform.

    Improvements & Fixes:

    1. Few improvements and minor bug fixes for user experience

  • PreLaunch Summit – June 17th 2021

    Version 0.0.1 – Launch Summit BFUTR Events Page

    New Feature:

    1. Login and registration via platform using email, Linkedin and slack

    2. Get Pass for BFUTR Event

    3. Claim Pass for BFUTR Event