BFUTR Complementary Conference Tools

BFUTR Complementary Conference Tools

Investing in yourself means putting in the work for the future you will benefit from. BFUTR Global Tech Summit is just around the corner, and with Obsidi, the time to prepare for the summit starts now. Obsidi is the perfect place to begin fostering these meaningful connections among the BFUTR attendees so that you have some familiar faces and warm connections at the summit and take advantage of all the other digital tools and resources for attendees.

Unlock the Benefits of Obsidi

If you are ready to invest in the future by attending BFUTR but have a conflict and restraint that will keep you from being able to attend in person – don’t sweat it. We’re thrilled to be virtually streaming BFUTR exclusively on our Obsidi app, which is coming soon. There’s no excuse for missing this one! 

Tailoring the Experience

Obsidi is also your one-stop shop for searching for jobs and conference tools to personalize your summit experience. Don’t forget to complete your Obisidi profile 100% before the summit so hiring employers can easily find you by adding your location, job title, resume and profile pic. 

Video: How to Complete Your Profile on Obsidi

Inspire and Empower

We keep it real on Obsidi during BFUTR! Attendees love logging on to share their summit experiences, challenges, and successes. Obsidi is where you can find a sense of belonging and empowerment amongst a community of inspiring Black professionals.

Ready. Set. Grow. 

Investing in the future, is easy when you leverage Obsidi to make the most of the BFUTR Summit. With active job boards, community threads, and exclusive summit streaming, you don’t want to miss out on the digital tools to make the most of your BFUTR experience. Put in the work now and your future self with thank you! 

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