Mo’ Ekujumi: Igniting Innovation and Redefining Success as Black Product Innovator of the Year

Mo’ Ekujumi: Igniting Innovation and Redefining Success as Black Product Innovator of the Year

Mo’ Ekujumi is the Founder & Managing Director at SkillHat. This global e-learning tech startup has trained 500+ people in product management, software development, business analysis, project management, scrum, and UX design. He started the company in June 2021 after identifying the skills gap many minorities had in the job market. Within 19 months, SkillHat has created over $7M in new job income, with an average alumni income increase of $45,000.

Meet Mo' Ekujumi: Product Innovator & Trendsetter

Mo’ Ekujumi is a product visionary with a significant reach to the Black tech ecosystem. Under Mo’s leadership, SkillHat has grown to $1.5M valuation fully bootstrapping. SkillHat’s student body consists of over 80% of individuals from the Black professional community, with over half being women. 

Mo’ has launched four new courses in 2022 alone. These courses were designed to meet the needs of students in today’s fast-paced and ever-changing job market. His efforts have resulted in 75% of the institute’s graduates being placed in internships, full-time and contract jobs.

Prior to starting SkillHat, Mo’ built a track record of successfully managing digital transformation, software development, COTS, mergers and acquisitions, infrastructure upgrades, cloud migration, consulting, and process improvement. In addition, he has worked with leading Fortune 500 companies and startups, enabling him to build diverse experiences in industries such as e-learning, insurance, e-health, and government.

Mo' Ekujumi's Work and its Impact on Black Tech and Other Communities.

Mo’ Ekujumi’s impact on the community is evident through SkillHat’s success in launching motivated professionals into their dream careers in tech. In addition, SkillHat has enabled wonderful stories of talent transitioning from retail to technology with brands like Spotify & Microsoft. 

Mo’ founded the Tech Career Accelerator Program, which helps SkillHat alumni put their tech skills to use by building tech products. In addition, the program provides graduates with the tools and resources needed to create their products and startups. Mo’s collaboration with these cross-functional product teams has been critical to the program’s success.

Moreover, it’s worth noting that one of the SkillHat Tech Career Accelerator teams played a significant role in developing and launching SkillHat’s latest offering – SkillHat Talent. This solution allows employers to hire high-quality, diverse tech talent in days rather than months, thus accelerating their business.

With SkillHat Talent, employers can build a welcoming and inclusive work environment by hiring from a diverse pool of contractors, full-time employees, and interns. In addition, the agile professionals in the SkillHat Talent Network have consistently demonstrated their ability to build world-class products in just nine weeks.

Mo’ has received accolades for his work, including Certified Scrum Master (CSM), Project Management Professional (PMP), and Certified Scrum Product Owner (CSPO) certifications. His credentials, combined with his extensive professional experience, make him the ideal leader for SkillHat.

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About Obsidi By BPTN Awards

The Obsidi By BPTN Awards, presented by BMO, recognizes the achievements of Black professionals in the technology industry. The awards initiative honours individuals who contributed significantly to their respective fields and communities. This year’s Black Product Innovator of the Year Award goes to Mobolade Ekujumi, known as Mo’.

The awards aim to inspire future generations of Black tech professionals and encourage organizations to foster diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Award Category

This award recognizes a seasoned Black professional in product innovation, management, or development, including but not limited to software engineers, developers, and scrum masters. The product professional, stemming from varying areas of expertise within this sector, will be able to demonstrate a body of work that is game-changing and contributions which genuinely advance the industry forward.

Mo’ Ekujumi has been awarded the Black Product Innovator of the Year for his dedication to innovative product development and giving back to communities.

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