Igniting the Path as Black Venture Capitalist of the Year Isaac Olowolafe Jr.

Igniting the Path as Black Venture Capitalist of the Year Isaac Olowolafe Jr.

Welcome to the world of Isaac Olowolafe Jr., a force in venture capital and a successful Black entrepreneur. His pioneering investment strategies have begun levelling the playing field for Black tech entrepreneurs to win in business. He will be awarded the Black Venture Capital of The Year at the Obsidi By BPTN Awards, presented by BMO, in June 2023.

Let’s dive into Olowolafe’s journey as Co-founder & General Partner of BKR Capital.

Unapologetically Financing Black Tech Entrepreneurs: Meet Isaac Olowolafe

Isaac Olowolafe Jr. is a name to watch in the venture capital (VC) industry. As the Co-founder & General Partner of BKR Capital, he ensures equitable access to capital for Black entrepreneurs to enable growth and market impact. Black entrepreneurs have historically been under-capitalized, and as a successful founder, Isaac saw an opportunity to make an impact.  BKR Capital – a leading institutionally backed Black-led VC firm – is dedicated to resourcing Black-founded tech startups. Isaac’s commitment to tech inclusivity extends beyond business capital; he also co-leads educational programs, partners with universities, and is a member of BLCK VC Canada. Through this work, he champions diversity and enables opportunities for Black entrepreneurs within the venture space.

Empowering Black-Founded Startups

In 2022, Isaac raised nearly $20M (CAD) in capital from investors to capitalize on Black entrepreneurs, doubling his initial capital-raising goal. This has allowed BKR to add more companies to its investment portfolio with an eye on growing its dollar impact.

But Isaac’s efforts go beyond just funding tech startups. He has co-led educational initiatives such as creating the VC BKR Fellowship, partnering with universities, and being an inaugural member of BLCK VC Canada. In addition, to make Venture Capital more inclusive for Black professionals, this leading entrepreneur is making prosperity more accessible to Black professionals globally.

Isaac Olowolafe Jr commitment to supporting Black-founded tech startups and co-leading educational initiatives paves the way for access to Black talent that aspires to change the world through business. In addition, the recognition of his efforts through the Obsidi by BPTN Awards presented by BMO highlights the impact that pacesetters like Isaac are making in tech and how shifts are beginning to materialize. 

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About Obsidi By BPTN Awards

The Obsidi By BPTN Awards, presented by BMO, is an annual event that celebrates and recognizes the excellence of Black professionals in the technology industry. The awards aim to inspire future generations of Black tech professionals and encourage organizations to foster diverse and inclusive workplaces.

Award Category

The Black Venture Capital of the Year award recognizes the accomplishments of individuals whose unwavering commitment and exceptional realizations in venture capital investments over the past year have propelled their business into high growth, increased profits, and innovative technological advancements. This award celebrates an unprecedented level of success worthy of recognition!

Olowolafe Jr. won recognition for his efforts in fostering diversity and inclusion in the Canadian venture capital industry, particularly in supporting Black-led tech startups through his firm, BKR Capital.

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