Get the Most Out of BFUTR Global Tech Summit

Get the Most Out of BFUTR Global Tech Summit

The countdown has begun to the event of the year, where Black professionals like you are destined to make magic happen! At BFUTR Global Tech Summit, we’re not just raising the bar but setting the stage for your success story!

Preparation for the Conference:

Before you step into the spotlight at BFUTR, let’s get you equipped to seize every opportunity that comes your way:

Do Your Homework:
Dig into our partners’ profiles. When you meet those on-site recruiters, drop knowledge bombs that leave ’em in awe. Nail that the first impression with on-point knowledge!

Get to Know the Speakers:
Prepare to be inspired! Get to know the lineup of influential speakers, and mark the sessions that speak to you.

Complete Your Obsidi Profile:
Ensure you complete your Obsidi profile 100% because employers are looking at it. Rember to upload your resume at least one week before BFUTR so you can shine bright with your skills, experiences, and accomplishments. You never know if a great employer wants to vet you for an in-person interview at BFUTR.

Craft That Killer Elevator Pitch:
You’ve got 60 seconds to shine, so make ’em count! Craft a killer elevator pitch that screams “Black excellence” and sets you apart from the crowd. Prepare a concise and compelling elevator pitch to introduce yourself to new connections. Highlight your skills, interests, and what you hope to gain from attending the summit.

Read the BFUTR Agenda:
Strategize like a pro! Review the BFUTR agenda with sessions that fuel your passion and align with your goals. It’s time to take charge and curate an experience tailor-made for your journey to success. See the agenda now.

Set Your Goals:
Your destination, your rules! Claim your goals loud and proud. Whether you’re after powerful networking, tech mastery, or bagging that dream gig, set your intentions and own your path at BFUTR! 

Go Viral IRL:
Your social media game just levelled up! Follow our hype on socials, join the conversation with them slick hashtags, and get ready to trend IRL! Let’s make BFUTR the talk of the town, and your journey, the talk of the summit! Use the hashtag #BFUTR2023.

Dress to Impress:
Stay fresh and fly, and let your style reflect your confidence. Rock professional, stylish looks that scream, “I am the future of tech!” Own the room because you’re a boss in every sense of the word

Power Up Your Devices: 
Ensure your smartphone, tablet, or laptop is fully charged before the event. You’ll likely use these devices for note-taking, connecting with others, and accessing event resources.

Make Your Voice Heard:
The conference isn’t until October, but why wait until then to make your mark with potential employers and future mentors? Jump on and let the community know you are seeking your next opportunity. Then pull up BFUTR in person to reacquaint yourself with your online community and easily network your way to your next opportunity. 

Claim Your Space: 
Be present on social media and document your conference journey. The best way to network is to draw people to you by sharing valuable information and content that resonates with your peers. It’s equally a great hack to get noticed by employers and recruiters.

Be Open-Minded and Curious:
Approach the summit with an open mind, ready to learn and connect with others. Embrace new ideas, perspectives, and opportunities that come your way during the event.

Tips to Apply During the Conference - Level Up Like a Pro!

You’ve arrived at the summit; now it’s time to make waves and leave a lasting impact. Here are some expert tips to help you own the conference.

Make Lasting Connections:
Network like a pro! Connect with fresh faces and share something unique about yourself. Let your personality shine and forge unforgettable connections that go beyond the summit!

Connect with Corporate & Executive Influencers:
Spot those power players! Take the chance to rub shoulders with C-suite executives and recruiters. You’re here to leave a lasting impression and make waves as a Black professional in the tech world.

Expand Your Circle:
Dare to go beyond! Step outside your comfort zone and connect with professionals from diverse fields and organizations you’ve never interacted with. The thrill of the new job, career and venture opportunities are waiting for you.

Conquer Imposter Syndrome:
As you navigate new and challenging spaces, know that you belong!  Embrace your brilliance, and give yourself the time and space to navigate the conference at your pace. Crush imposter syndrome like the boss you are! 

Regroup and Reflect:
Pause, breathe, and strategize! Take those mental health breaks in the wellness lounges to regroup and reflect on your journey. It’s the perfect way to keep your vibe high and your mind sharp! View wellness lounges.

Be Intentional and Follow Up:
Talk to everyone, from speakers to fellow attendees! Be intentional with your interactions and make a plan for those post-conference follow-ups. Your networking game is about to level up! 
BFUTR Global Tech Summit is the canvas where Black professionals like you unleash their brilliance, make magic happen, and chart a course toward greatness! With powerful preparation, networking prowess, and a thirst for knowledge, you’re ready to own the summit like the on-point professional we know you are.
Ready to own the spotlight at BFUTR Global Tech Summit? Take advantage of this chance to unleash your brilliance and make magic happen! Grab your BFUTR General pass and VIP now and join other Black professionals in charting a course toward greatness! 

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