Must Read Motivational Books for Career Growth by Black Authors

Must Read Motivational Books for Career Growth by Black Authors

What’s on your reading list? If you’re a Black career-grower, we’re positive these Black professional motivational books listed here can make a huge difference in your career. There can be a variety of barriers and limitations that hold Black professionals back, keeping you feeling down. But these Black professional motivational books by industry leaders and authors can help light a fire within you. They’ll also speak directly to the mindset shifts Black professionals need to level up.

If you’ve been looking for inspiration, we got you! These books have amazing stories and pieces of advice that will encourage career growth. These reads should 100% be added to your bookshelf or audiobook rotation. Check out the list below, and get to reading!

Expect to Win: 10 Proven Strategies for Thriving in the Workplace by Carla Harris

Book cover for Expect to Win by Carla Harris

Carla Harris is a powerful Black woman who’s made her career working on  Wall Street. Her book has inspired many to reach new levels of career success. In this book, Carla talks about the highs and lows she faced while moving up the ranks in her own career. She outlines frameworks, attitudes, and valuable lessons that can ignite your vision, and help you reach career wins. This one is a must-read for anyone in the corporate world.

The Wealth Choice: Success Secrets of Black Millionaires by Dennis Kimbro

Book cover for The Wealth Choice by Dennis Kimbro

In The Wealth Choice, Dennis Kimbro empowers the Black community to reach their wealth goals. This book studies the financial success of 100 wealthy African Americans over a seven-year study, to see how they beat the odds on the path to financial security. These stories span all kinds of industries and ways of life, shining a light on the discipline, sacrifices, and money-knowledge wealthy African Americans have adopted to find success.

Rise and Grind: Outperform, Outwork and Outhustle Your Way to a More Successful and Rewarding Life by Daymond John

Book cover for Rise & Grind by Daymond John

Daymond John is an entrepreneur, investor, and the author of Rise and Grind, a perfect source of career motivation. In this book, Daymond shares his career story, and how years of hard work paid off in the form of his entrepreneurial success. He also shares the habits and changes to routine you need to adopt to reach your goals, based on the lifestyles of other successful people in the business world.

Year of Yes: How to Dance It Out, Stand In the Sun, and Be Your Own Person by Shonda Rhimes

Book cover for Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes

Shonda Rhimes is one of the biggest names in television, best known for creating hit shows like Scandal and Grey’s Anatomy. In this highly popular book, Shonda shares the story of her Year of Yes where she said yes to every opportunity that landed on her doorstep for a year. She shares how saying yes helped her grow out of her comfort zone, and into confidence. This is the perfect book for any introvert who is looking to take up more space in the world.

Black Faces in White Places: 10 Game-Changing Strategies to Achieve Success and Find Greatness by Randal Pinkett, Jeffrey Robinson and Philana Patterson

Book cover for Black Faces in White Places by Randal Pinkett

Written by Randal Pinkett, the first African-American winner of The Apprentice, with Jeffery Robinson and Philana Patterson, this book discusses the competitive nature of corporate culture today and the challenges of navigating it as a Black professional. Drawing on personal experiences, the authors include  10 strategies Black professionals can use to achieve success in the workplace. You’ll walk away from this read with a new sense of strength, ready to shatter limitations on your way to greatness.

The Little Black Book Of Success: Laws of Leadership for Black Women by Elaine Meryl Brown, Marsha Haygood, and Rhonda Joy McLean

Book cover for the Little Black Book of Success

Written by Elaine Meryl Brown, Marsha Haygood, and Rhonda Joy McLean, this book has been described as having a “mentor in your pocket.” As the title suggests, this little black book holds tons of secrets to make you a great leader. Learn to build the skills that make leaders great, while navigating the barriers Black women often face in the corporate world. With the sage advice from three Black women who have been there, you’ll be well on your way to the top!

You’ve Got To Be Hungry: The Greatness Within to Win by Les Brown

Book cover for You've Got to Be Hungry by Les Brown

Motivational speaker and business professional Les Brown shares his personal journey and approach to achieving greatness in this work. There’s no better source of inspiration or motivation than a book like this! Les Brown shares stories, life lessons and advice to help you live the life you want to live.

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