BFUTR is where the Black tech ecosystem comes alive

BFUTR 2023:  Where The Black Tech Ecosystem Comes Alive

BFUTR 2023:  Where The Black Tech Ecosystem Comes Alive

This Black History Month, it’s time to keep things real! Let’s take a moment of appreciation for the undeniable and unwavering strength that fuels our Black tech community. The truth is: success doesn’t come easy for many in this ecosystem but with every obstacle there comes an even greater determination to innovate and create something incredible together. #BlackTechEcosystem

From trailblazing entrepreneurs to corporate visionaries in tech; from dope creatives who’ve turned their side hustles into legacy-building empires; from scientists saving lives to mentors inspiring minds — Black professionals are taking control of our destinies by coming together as agents for change! And so comes our invitation: come join us on this collective journey to a global network of Black professionals and allies at this year’s 2023 BFUTR Global Tech Summit.

Why Are Black Ecosystems Important?

A Black ecosystem is a powerful network of communities, organizations and allies that foster success within the Black community. It’s an inspiring coming-together to address systemic racism while fostering cultural excellence!

Black ecosystems are creating a unique opportunity for Black professionals to share their experiences and network with like-minded individuals. It is an invaluable resource that can provide support in navigating the challenges of career development, business growth, connectivity initiatives and more!

From empowering our local Black communities to inspiring talks from tech industry leaders ; from building mutually beneficial relationships with allies, to fostering diversity in companies — it all starts here.

The Black Ecosystem is Here

About the 2023 BFUTR Global Tech Summit

The 2023 BFUTR Global Tech Summit allows attendees the chance to tap into our global tech conference in a trade show experience. Network, exchange ideas, secure venture capital opportunities and connect with our network of 70,000+ Black professionals and allies.

Are you ready to experience a tech summit like no other? The 2023 BFUTR Global Tech Summit is here to bring the Black ecosystem to life with an amplified emphasis on technology. We’re talking about connecting, innovating, and elevating our community of professionals – this one’s for all Black professionals, coders, entrepreneurs, creative masterminds, corporate moguls-to-be and everyone in between! And yes, allies are welcome too cause we love that kind of support.

Reasons to attend BFUTR 2023

Tired of conferences that all blend together? With thousands of conferences taking place globally each year, the BFUTR Global Tech Summit stands out for its unique experience. It’s a must-attend event for all Black professionals looking to get involved in tech and those already working within it. Plus, recruiting & hiring managers as well as small businesses or organizations that are allies can also benefit from this stimulating summit! Join us at the 2023 BFUTR Global Tech Summit on October 26-27, 2023 in Toronto, Canada.

Build relationships with the Black community

Connect with creative minds and learn about diverse perspectives within the Black tech community. Forge new relationships that could benefit your career in ways you never thought possible.

Find new recruitment prospects

Discover top-qualified Black talent that could be your next great hire! See who is out there, and find what skills they can bring to your organization.

Learn new ideas and approaches

Discover a strengthening community striving for success, and learn new industry insights and approaches. In addition, you’ll have the opportunity to get inspired by tech talks with our key speakers.

Explore new opportunities & partnerships

Unlock new possibilities and initiate beneficial partnerships at the conference. Take this chance to branch out and meet exciting new connections.

Connect with industry leaders

Make valuable connections with key professionals in the tech industry. Directly connect with industry leaders and forge business opportunities, building essential networks along the way.

Boost your resume

If you’re looking to give your resume a tech-savvy edge, why not attend the upcoming conference and make it stand out from the crowd? You will gain valuable insights into current technologies while expanding your skills.

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Next Steps

The ball is in your court! We’ve thrown out the welcome mat and we’re ready to open our arms – and our tech conference – to you. If you’re serious about building a brighter future for Black tech professionals, don’t go it alone; Make sure you join us at the 2023 BFUTR Global Tech Summit. You’ll gain access to an extensive network of knowledge and resources, as well as collaborate with some of the best minds in the industry. Together, we can make a real impact on the world and shape the technology landscape for generations to come.

Don’t wait – sign up today and join us on this incredible adventure into a future filled with possibility!

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