Become a Diversity & Inclusion Expert: Start with These 5 Videos

Become a Diversity & Inclusion Expert: Start with These 5 Videos

It’s time to talk about diversity and inclusion, (D&I) and its importance in the workplace. As companies work to become more diverse, taking the right approach to D&I is more important than ever. We know these conversations can be tough—you may feel at a loss on where to start, what to say, or what changes you can make. But don’t let that discourage you! 

A solid approach to D&I will help you make your workplace the best it can be. But if you’re going to do it- you got to get it right. Everybody deserves to be respected and included in any space. Plus, with a diverse team where everybody feels included, you’ll have a happier team, and encourage innovative ideas that will make you stronger than you could imagine. 

If you want to learn more about diversity and inclusion, we got you! The videos  below are a great place to start if you want to up your D&I expertise. 

The Difference Between Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

If you want to be a D&I expert, knowing correct terminology is where you have to start. In this video, diversity & inclusion expert Ritu Bhasin will get you on the right track. Here you’ll get to learn what the terms diversity, inclusion, and equity mean when we’re talking about D&I

Unconscious Bias at Work – Making the Unconscious Conscious

Whether we mean to or not, our brains are wired to make unconscious judgements about the people we meet. In this video from Google, we can see how unconscious bias can affect everything from designing tech, to the hiring of our teams, and the ways this bias can hurt us in the end.

Diversity is Being Invited to the Party: Inclusion is Being Asked to Dance

Organizations may take the steps towards diversity in numbers, but do their diverse members feel included? Are they given equal access? Are spaces changing to accommodate their needs? In this talk, Vernā Myers, President of the Vernā Myers Company and VP of Inclusion Strategy for Netflix, gives an inspiring talk about how to get better at diversity and inclusion to make a better workplace for all.

Microaggressions – ej4 Diversity and Inclusion Training Video

Microaggressions are common in workplaces, but they aren’t often mentioned in the diversity and inclusion conversation. This video from ej4 breaks down what microaggressions are, and how we can work to recognize and combat this form of discrimination.

Color Blind or Color Brave? Mellody Hobson

Talking about race can be a touchy subject, but Mellody Hobson (Co-CEO & President of Ariel Investments, Vice Chair of Starbucks, Director at JPMorgan Chase) wants to change that. In this TED talk, Hobson tells her audience why talking openly about race and diversity hiring can create a better workplace—and a better society.

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