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The Power of Black Communities

The Power of Black Communities

This Black History Month, we’re celebrating the power of our communities and the bonds that generations of Black people have forged. From grass-root communities making moves in their hood to larger community groups, it’s undeniable that there is something special about Black culture. And when we come together, not only do we honour our legacy, but it is a reminder of the strength that future generations will possess if they continue along this path!

So let’s get hyped up as we dive into the power of Black-led communities this February because it’s our month to be unapologetically Blackity Black. It’s time to show out like never before!

What are the benefits of joining a Black Community?

Looking for a home away from home? Joining a community on Obsidi Communities can be your answer! By coming together, you’ll build relationships and tap into opportunities that will open up various doors to success. It’s an empowering way to stay connected while propelling yourself forward in life. So why not make it happen today!?

  • Feel like a part of something special where you can be seen and heard
  • Get complimentary access to events, programs and valuable content
  • Connect and network with other Black-led communities, Black professionals, and like-minded people

Why is it important to support Black Communities?

Supporting Black communities is more than just a trend — it’s necessary to give Black people and their communities the representation and recognition they deserve. Black-led communities have often been overlooked, under-resourced, and underserved. That’s where you come in, when individuals are intentional about finding ways to support Black communities, it acknowledges their worth, validates their contribution to society, and strengthens their financial stability.

It’s also about challenging the status quo policies that undermine the progress of Black communities. Ultimately, it’s showing up for Black folks not because it’s trendy but because we need each other to thrive.

What are resources for growing and hosting Black communities?

Obsidi Communities

Step up Your Black Community’s Game!

Obsidi Communities is a free engagement tool that equips new and existing communities with the power to collaborate, partner and build relationships with a global network of Black professionals.

How does Obsidi Communities benefit Black Communities?

Obsidi Communities is the ultimate representation of community and empowerment for Black people. With unique resources, inspirational connections and groundbreaking opportunities, Obsidi Communities’ impact on Black communities can’t be denied!

  • Get access to resources that will help you grow your community
  • Increase your brand reach and become widely known globally
  • Secure opportunities to create meaningful connections through partnerships
  • Get complimentary access to events, programs and valuable content

How will Obsidi Communities’ features keep the community engaged?

We understand that an engaged community is a successful one, that’s why our features speak for themselves. You can keep your people connected and excited – no matter the size of your group! Let’s stack up some serious engagement points today!

  • Create Your Custom Page: Obsidi Communities admins have access to a custom group profile on Obsidi that allows them to easily engage and collaborate with their community in a matter of seconds.
  • Share News & Updates: Obsidi Communities admins can freely extend their brand message from coast to coast, and generate awareness among untapped Black audiences.
  • Get Exclusive Obsidi Member Benefits: Obsidi Communities members gain access to the benefits and resources available to all Obsidi members.

Next Steps

Black community organizers, are you ready to take your network, and community further than you ever dreamed? Join 70k+ amazing Black professionals on Obsidi Communities – because when we all come together, there’s nothing that can stop us. Claim your spot on Obsidi Communities for free.

Are you a Black professional or ally looking for a place to call home with like-minded individuals? We also got your back, become a member of Obsidi and come home.

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