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Build trust and relationships

Start building trust and meaningful connections with Black professionals. Don’t wait until you need to hire. Invest in new hiring pools now to fill your talent pipeline now and tomorrow.

Satisfy Your Business Goals By Engaging with New Talent

Invest in new community hubs to tap into a pool of top performing Black candidates to fill your recruitment pipeline.

Enjoy Subscription Options For Every Budget

Obsidi Recruit is designed to help companies reduce their hiring costs. Address all your diversity hiring challenges with an approach that properly fits your budget.

Engage with The Black Community

Obsidi Recruit is your one-stop access to networks of qualified Black professionals living all across North America who equally have a membership on Obsidi.

Work with a Reputable Community Partner and Service Provider

BPTN is Black-owned organization that is firmly embedded within the global Black tech ecosystem. Earn a helping hand from a partner who is well connected in the Black community, possesses an exceptional portfolio of global business partners and specializes in Black talent recruitment.

Invest in Multiple Key Recruitment Approaches

Amplify your ability to attract the right candidates and keep your brand top of mind among Obsidi users by sharing though leadership content, events and other organizational news with prospective candidates on your Obsidi Recruit company page.

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A simplified way of hiring highly skilled Black talent is now available.
Obsidi Recruit is talent recruitment tool that helps businesses accelerate their DEI strategy, diversify any organization’s talent pipeline and equip users with rich resources to fill the gaps within their existing talent sourcing approach.

Obsidi Recruit allows you to access a rapidly growing professional community in a matter of seconds. With BPTN’s 70K+ Black member cohort within its membership ecosystem, there is no shortage of qualified candidates to choose from.

Use Obsidi Recruit to search for and connect with Black talent.

Obsidi Recruit opens the door for relationship-based recruitment. Attract, hire, and promote Black professionals to expand your organization’s talent pipeline and create more equitable working environments.

Attract, hire, and promote Black talent with Obsidi Recruit

Develop strong brand affinity with the Black community; show your authority as a thought leader; expand your team with diverse talent while becoming an employer of choice among Black career growers and executives.

Improve Your Hiring Pipeline For Black Talent with Obsidi Recruit

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Our diverse, talented and growing Black population is ready for you!

90% Of Our Members Identify as Black

Diversify recruiting with access to a diverse group of qualified Black talent.

60% Of Our Members Are Seasoned Mid to Senior Level Professionals

Our community consists of experienced Black professionals in the mid to senior level career tracks.

Top 10 Areas Of Expertise

Our diverse community have a wide range of expertise in areas such as IT Operations, Software Engineering, Product Management, PR or Media, and much more.
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"In the last week, I’ve had some of the most invigorating convos I’ve had in awhile from connections made on this platform. Thanks BPTN for the insight and the foresight to see the importance of a platform like this!"
Siphu Langeni

Data Scientist - Shopify

"This platform speaks black, talks black, looks out for BLACK, provides master series, mentors, allows you to mentor, you can build communities and then organically connect your communities to other communities and the best part is the best is yet to come."
Tony Santana

Diversity and Inclusion Consultant - Dell Technologies

"There is a new professional platform created by Black Professionals in Tech Network (BPTN) Inc call OBSIDI. I encourage you all to join and have a network for opportunities."
Serge Ngatta

Sr. Manager, Product Management - Equifax

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