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NETWORKING IN TECH: Don’t Just Slide into DMs

NETWORKING IN TECH: Don’t Just Slide into DMs

People often ask us: “How do I build a network in tech?” or “How do I grow my digital network?”

Spoiler Alert: Don’t randomly cold DM or email people. That’s not networking; that’s SPAM.

Networking in tech is about leveraging your connections and making meaningful new ones. Keep reading and you’ll learn how to get it done!

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Start With Who You Know

First things first, you already have a network. Yes, you do! Your classmates, colleagues, even your friends – they’re your untapped goldmine. Someone hired them; they may know someone relevant to your industry and can introduce you to your next opportunity. These existing connections, often overlooked, can be the most valuable. So don’t waste anyone’s time asking them to introduce you to anyone until you’ve done your part.

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Keys to Success:

  1. Explore your contact’s connections.
    • Look for someone in their network who aligns with your goals and learn about them. Decide why you’d like to connect (mentorship, new job, networking, etc.).
  2. Ensure your contact knows a) what you do, b) why you’re great at it, and c) what you’re looking for in a connection.
    • The person you want an introduction with will ask your contact, “Tell me about them.” Your contact should be able to answer why you’re worth connecting with.

Navigating the Digital World

Making new connections online is like making friends. You wouldn’t just walk up to someone and say, “Hey Stranger, let’s be besties. Give me a job opportunity.” It’s the same with digital networking. It’s about building a rapport, being genuine, and creating a space for meaningful conversations.

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Observe, Then Engage

Before you hit that message button, do a bit of homework. Follow the movers and shakers in your field, engage with their content, and really get to know what they’re about. It’s not stalking – it’s strategic engagement. It helps you understand their interests and how you can fit into their world.

The Give and Take

Remember, networking, like relationships, is a two-way street. When you reach out, think about what you can offer them, not just what you can get. It’s about providing value. That value could be your unique perspective, skills, or helpful article. It’s about building a relationship that’s beneficial for both.

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Embrace Platforms like Obsidi

So, how do platforms fit in? Think of platforms like Obsidi, LinkedIn, or social media spaces as your networking wingman. Obsidi isn’t just the best tech job board for Black tech professionals. It’s also a perfect tech networking tool filled with thousands of Black tech professionals, allies, and organizations. It’s where you can connect with industry leaders, discover digital and IRL events, and find your next career opportunity. So, use the networking career hacks learned here in Obsidi to level up your network.

Effective networking in tech is about maximizing your relationships and gently expanding your circle. It’s about genuine connections, not just contacts. And remember, platforms like Obsidi are here to support you every step of the way. Happy networking!

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