Krista Satterthwaite: Black Tech Trailblazer of the Year!

Krista Satterthwaite: Black Tech Trailblazer of the Year!

Krista Satterthwaite has always been a trailblazer in the tech industry. She is renowned for her leadership as Hewlett Packard Enterprise’s (HPE) Senior Vice President and as the Black Tech Executive of the Year at the Obsidi By BPTN Awards, presented by BMO.

As a leader in the tech industry, Krista spearheads the execution of a computer business that has exceeded $9 billion. What sets her apart from others is her unwavering commitment to championing diversity and fostering innovative Black voices at HPE while achieving exceptional results.

Get to know this year’s Black Tech Executive of the Year award winner, Krista Satterthwaite, Senior Vice President at HPE.

Meet Krista Satterthwaite: Exceptional Tech Leader at HPE

Krista Satterthwaite is a technology business leader with over 25 years of experience in operations, product and services strategy, quality, marketing, and Go-to-Market. Currently, she leads HPE’s Mainstream Computer business, representing a P&L of over $9 billion. In 2022, she was selected to join the board of directors for H3C, an HPE joint venture company located in China that is a leader in networking, servers, and storage.

Satterthwaite is passionate about fostering a positive culture of inclusion. She serves on the HPE CEO’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Council. In recognition of her contributions to the Black Employee Network, she was awarded the HPE Black Employee Network’s Legacy Award in 2021.

Impact of Satterthwaite's Work on the Black Tech Community

Satterthwaite’s impact goes beyond the P&L; her dedication to fostering a culture of in the boardroom through inclusion has significantly impacted the Black tech community. As the executive sponsor for HPE’s Black Employee Network, she has mentored and supported hundreds of HPE women, Black, and Hispanic employees. Krista understands that the way to indeed win in tech long term is by focusing on the people and the tech product. Her engagements with the community have helped to create a more supportive environment for Black tech professionals at HPE and beyond to win.

Krista Satterthwaite’s outstanding leadership in technology, through her technical and community impact, is genuinely inspiring. The Obsidi By BPTN Awards, presented by BMO, is an important opportunity for recognizing and celebrating Black executives and leadership in technology, and we are proud to stand with Krista.

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About Obsidi By BPTN Awards

The Obsidi By BPTN Awards, presented by BMO, recognizes excellence and the outstanding achievements of individuals in the tech community. These awards highlight the remarkable contributions that Black tech professionals make in the industry. In this blog, you’ll have the opportunity to learn more about this year’s Black Tech Executive of the Year award winner, Krista Satterthwaite, Senior Vice President and General Manager at Hewlett-Packard Enterprise (HPE).

Award Category

The Black Tech Executive of the Year award recognizes the accomplishments of a Black professional who demonstrates exceptional leadership skills and innovative abilities and offers impactful contributions to the technology industry. Satterthwaite’s outstanding performance in driving business results, fostering inclusion, and collaborating with teams across HPE’s business units, customers, and external partners, made her a standout nominee for this award.

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