Version v.4.0.0 – New Updates, Improvements and Fixes

Account Settings (Member/Recruiter/Community)

  1. Singular destination where Member’s, Recruiters and Communities can update or add their individual profile information along with the company’s information
  2. Revamped editing of profile pages with a user-friendly interface, ensuring an effortless profile editing experience, along with a clear overview of your profile completion progress.
  3. Find all profile fields conveniently located on a single page for efficient and straightforward updates from Account settings.


Account Deletion

In response to Member’s request and privacy concerns, we have introduced “Account Deletion” feature. This feature empowers users to easily and securely delete their accounts from their Account settings on Obsidi.

  1. Members can find ‘Delete Account’ from the Account settings, under the security section.
  2. To prevent accidental account deletions, users will be required to go through a multi-step confirmation process. This includes confirming their email via OTP and acknowledging the consequences of deleting their account.
  3. Members will receive email upon deleting their account as a confirmation.
  4. Members who are currently an admin to any company or community won’t be able to delete their account.


Obsidi Recruit Package

We have revamped the package names to better reflect the features and value they offer.

  1. The package names have been changed from Obsidian, Silver, and Bronze to Enterprise, Professional, and Starter respectively.
  2. The transition to the new package names will be seamless for existing users. The functionalities and features of each package remain unchanged.
  3. Users will notice the updated package names on the usage summary on platform and on our websites.


Search Performance Fixes and Optimization:

  1. Members will notice a considerable improvement in the speed and responsiveness of search operations. Searches will now deliver results more swiftly, providing a smoother and more efficient user experience.
  2. In addition to search enhancements, we have optimized various components of the platform to improve overall performance of the platform.


Improvements & Fixes:

  1. Generic banner image added to the events page for more visibility on the events card.
  2. Few minor enhancements on colours, icons and clicks for better experience.
  3. Change password modal will now show password criteria when updating new passwords.

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