Release – June 19th 2024

Version v.4.4.2 – New Email feature and enhancements

Enhanced Engagement Emails

  1. Post Comment Notifications
    • Members will now receive an email notification when other members/recruiter’s comment on their posts. This feature is designed to increase engagement by ensuring members don’t miss out on comments and keep the conversation going on the platform.
  2. Direct Message Alerts
    • Members will receive an email notification if they have an unread direct message (DM) for over certain period of time. This ensures timely communication and helps maintain active interactions.
  3. Improved Email Notifications for Connection Requests
    • Members will now see an improved email format when they receive a connection request.
    • Requestors will receive an enhanced email notification when their connection requests are accepted.
    • These improvements are aimed at providing an engaging notification experience with clear content.

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