If you did not receive your Academy Assessment Invite email, received an ineligible email notification, or other inquiry, please read below and take the appropriate action:

  1. Search for the Assessment Invite email: Search your junk/spam and all email folders for the following email sender address: Obsidi Academy by BPTN <DO-NOT-REPLY@criteriacorp.com>.
  2. Reply to the “Ineligible” email: Please respond to the email listing your current Canadian residential address, attest to your current eligibility to legally work in Canada, and that you self-identify as Black. Please know that ineligible emails were sent based on the Applicants’ submitted application and as per Applicant eligibility criteria (see: https://obsidi.com/obsidi-academy-frequently-asked-questions/#hfaq-post-4447). BPTN will verify the information in the email and respond within 2 business days and send assessment links to all eligible Applicants.
  3. If the above does not bring resolution, please send an email to academy@bptn.com describing your Academy inquiry.

BPTN will respond to email inquiries within 2 business days.

Thank you for reaching out about OBSIDI Academy!