Release Note

Release – 18th Oct 2023

Version v.3.0.0 – New Updates, Improvements and Fixes BFUTR2023 Live Event streaming: Event Attendees will be able to Join the

Release – Sept 28th 2023

Version v.2.9.0 – New Updates, Improvements and Fixes BFUTR2023 There is an enhancement to the BFUTR2023 event experience with the

Release – Sept 18th 2023

Version v.2.8.4 – Improvement Tech Talk: Updated the consent copy for the Tech-talk registration.

Release – Aug 31st 2023

Version v.2.8.0 – New Updates, Improvements and Fixes Jobs Members can now access the ‘Jobs’ easily from nav bar on

Release – July 6th 2023

Version v.2.6.0 Improvements: Members can now engage with anyone on the platform by tagging them either on a post or

Release – June 21st 2023

Version v.2.5.0 – Improvements Jobs: On mobile view, the jobs icon is added to footer for easy access. Job’s private

Release – 15th Nov 2023

Version v.3.1.0 – New Updates, Improvements and Fixes Jobs : This update brings a new field for adding a cover

Release – June 6th 2023

Version v.2.4.0 – New Updates, Improvements, Fixes BFUTR 2023 Redesign of BFUTR 2023 ticket registration page Redesign of BFUTR 2023

Release – May 23rd 2023

Version v.2.3.1 – Fixes Fixed the issue related to banner image on company profile page. Enabled the partner subscription renewal

Release – May 11th 2023

Version v.2.3.0 – Improvements and Fixes Improvement and fixes: Fixed the issue on search page, where some searches were redirecting