Release Note

Release – May 23rd 2023

Version v.2.3.1 – Fixes Fixed the issue related to banner image on company profile page. Enabled the partner subscription renewal

Release – May 11th 2023

Version v.2.3.0 – Improvements and Fixes Improvement and fixes: Fixed the issue on search page, where some searches were redirecting

Release – April 26th 2023

Version v.2.2.0 – New Updates Obsidi Recruit & Obsidi Community: Members can view and join a company’s public channel from

Release – March 29th 2023

Version v.2.1.0 – New Updates Chat: Members will now be able to know, via the chat feature, if another member

Release – March 8th, 2023

Version v.2.0.0 – New Updates Real-time Chat: We are excited to announce the release of our redesigned and updated chat

Release – February 8th, 2023

Version v.1.4.0 – New Updates Channels: We are introducing a new channel feature. With this feature, multiple users will now

Release – January 18th, 2023

Version v.1.3.0 – Improvements BPTN Tech Talks: The copy for Masterclasses has been updated from “Masterclass” to “BPTN Tech Talks”

Release – December 7th, 2022

Version v.1.1.0 – Improvement & Fixes Obsidi Recruit A company’s administrative (admin) user, with job posting permission, can now indicate