Release Note

Release – 19th June 2024

Release – June 19th 2024 Version v.4.4.2 – New Email feature and enhancements Enhanced Engagement Emails Post Comment Notifications Members

Release – 12th June 2024

Release – June 12th 2024 Version v.4.4.1 – Bug fixes & improvement Partner’s name are now correctly displayed whenever a

Release – 22nd May 2024

Version v.4.4.0 – New Updates, Improvements and Fixes Jobs: With this update, members can now save active jobs they are

Release – 8th May 2024

Version v.4.3.0 Share Feedback section: A new way for member’s to share feedback has been introduced on the platform to

Release – 17th April 2024

Version v.4.2.0 – BFUTR 2024: Registration for BFUTR 2024 is open. Secure your place at BFUTR 2024 by registering. There

Release – 11th April 2024

Version v.4.1.0 – New Updates, Improvements and Fixes Landing/Sign-up/Login/Onboarding flow: Enhanced the user experience during the sign-up and login processes.

Release – 5th March 2024

Hot fix version v.4.0.1- Fixes Fixed the unexpected automatic logout issue which was accompanied by session errors. Fixed the issue

Release – 27th Feb 2024

Version v.4.0.0 – New Updates, Improvements and Fixes Account Settings (Member/Recruiter/Community) Singular destination where Member’s, Recruiters and Communities can update

Release – 6th Dec 2023

Version v.3.2.0 – New Updates, Improvements and Fixes 1. Jobs : Enhancement to the Job search experience with the latest

Release – 15th Nov 2023

Version v.3.1.0 – New Updates, Improvements and Fixes Jobs : This update brings a new field for adding a cover