How will I know if I have been accepted into Obsidi Academy?
Successful bootcamp applicants will be contacted by our team via email.

What is the expected timeline for my acceptance?

  • August 1: The application closes for Cohort 1. Future dates TBD to reopen the application for Cohorts 2 & 3.
  • August 10 (by EOD): Applicants (no matter the Cohort(s) availability identified on the application) will receive an email by end of day (EOD), with next steps instructions.
    • This email will include a link to complete the Academy psychometric pre-assessment.
    • The Academy is using a pre-assessment to decrease biases and add fairness to the Academy application process by ensuring that applicants are considered using the same, objective criteria.
    • Additional information about the pre-assessment is available here:
  • August 15: The pre-assessment must be completed no later then August 15, 2022, midnight EDT.
  • August 24 (by EOD): BPTN will notify successful Cohort 1 applicants by email and communicate next steps.
  • August 26 (by EOD):
    1. BPTN will notify successful Cohort 1 applicants (those who met the assessment requirements), who were not selected (due to the limited availability of Academy positions for Cohort 1), AND will extend an offer to participate in EITHER Cohort 2 (begins mid-Jan 2023) OR Cohort 3 (begins mid-April 2023).
    2. BPTN will notify unsuccessful applicants (those who did not meet the assessment requirements), no matter the applicant’s Cohort selection.
  • Early October: BPTN will notify successful Cohort 2 and Cohort 3 applicants by email and communicate next steps