Version v.2.0.0 – New Updates

Real-time Chat:

We are excited to announce the release of our redesigned and updated chat functionality. Members now will be able to chat real-time with their connections. Chat feature is now located at the bottom-right corner on the platform.

  1. Members can now send and receive seamless, and instant messages with their connections
  2. Members can view an icon indicating new and unread messages on chat menu and chat list.

Obsidi Recruit:

  1. Admins can now add job url when creating a new Jobs in the new field ‘Job URL’.
  2. When a partner admin inputs the job url, members (job applicants) will be redirected to company’s job url page, usually the job ATS, when the ‘Apply Now’ button is clicked

Summit 2023 Registration:

  1. Members will now view a modal, after registering for a Tech Talk, nudging them to purchase a BFUTR 2023 General Pass


  1. Inclusion of reference link to ‘Cultivate’ on ‘Do More’ section on content feed for web view