Version v.1.1.0 – Improvement & Fixes

Obsidi Recruit

  1. A company’s administrative (admin) user, with job posting permission, can now indicate if an applicant has been hired for a job posting by turning on the toggle button on the “view applicant” page.
  2. A company’s administrative (admin) user can now view the updated copy authorizing the admin user to create a company page.
  3. The applicable tax when purchasing an Obsidi Recruit package has been disabled.


  1. Members who have applied for jobs will now receive the In-app notification when a recruiter views the application.
  2. Members can now view the updated copy for the Main Goals (on the profile page).
  3. Members who have not logged on to Obsidi for either 7days or 21 days will now receive email notifications nudging them to login.

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