Version 0.3.0 – Direct Message, Notification, Resume, Content feed, Improvements & Bug Fixes

What’s new?

Direct Message – Members can start and view conversation with their connections. Members can edit and delete the conversation within 10min of message sent

Notificationmembers can clear all notifications within notification overlay

Resume – members can upload their resume (doc & pdf) and also have the option to display or not display their resume on my their public profile page

Profile – members can remove profile image and can see their posts in profile page

Content Feedmembers can edit their post, add hyperlink to their post and delete any comment on their posts

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed sending duplicate emails

  2. Fixed onboarding questions to stop displaying to onboarded members when they login

  3. Fixed first name and last name in the onboarding questionnaire to stop accepting only space in the fields

  4. Fixed create a post modal to stop saving post as credentials on Windows devices

  5. Fixed google icon to be clickable

  6. Fixed dropdown menu for Windows devices


  1. Updated reactions icons on content feed

  2. On mobile, members can view their first name on the side-bar

  3. Updated look and feel on emails sent from Obsidi

  4. Improvements on Web and Mobile for better user experience

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