Version v.2.2.0 – New Updates

Obsidi Recruit & Obsidi Community:

  1. Members can view and join a company’s public channel from a new entry point. This new entry point is available on company’s public profile page. Visit company’s profile page to get access to their public channel.


  1. The search page has been redesigned to provide easy access to following search clusters: All Results, People, Companies, Channels & Communities
  2. Members can now view company’s tab and communities tab on search page
  3. Members can now view all the Public channel on search page

Other improvement and fixes:

  1. Fixed the issue resulting in the usage summary, for some Obsidi Recruit accounts, not updating as expected.
  2. Fixed issue resulting in the inability of some administrative users for Obsidi Communities to send messages via chat
  3. Fixed issue resulting in the inability of members to update their email notification preference using the toggle button.
  4. Fixed the issue on search page where tabs were not switching upon clicking by users
  5. Other improvements across platform for better user experience