Version 0.1.1 Connections, Search & Pass Dashboard

What’s new?

Connections – members can connect with other members

  1. Total number of connections can be viewed on members profile

  2. Connected members can be removed and blocked

  3. Pending request can now be cancelled for members that haven’t accepted your request

  4. On the received tab you can accept and decline connection requests

Search Bar – members can search for other members, and see all members

  1. You can search for members using first name and last name

  2. An auto populated list of members comes up when you click on the search bar

  3. All members on Obsidi can be found using the search all link on the search bar

  4. Connect, pending and view profile buttons for each member are found after you click on the search all link

  5. You can view other members profile and see connect, pending and connected

Pass Dashboard – members can view all passes

  1. To find passes faster members can filter passes using the purchased, claimed and unclaimed options

  2. Dashboard functionality is clickable and you can view claimed pass, unclaimed pass and purchased pass

  3. You can click on the view button to under action in the Pass dashboard to view the ticket details and the name of the person that claimed the ticket

  4. Ticket details can be accessed using the view button under the pass dashboard, the ticket details also includes information on who claimed the pass

Summit updates

  1. Summit updates

    1. Sponsors – Five new sponsors signed on:

      1. Yelp, supporting sponsor

      2. Rogers, collaborating sponsor

      3. TEK system, supporting sponsor

      4. Mediabrands & Kinesso (formerly known as Initiative), supporting sponsor

      5. Workday as a leadership level sponsor

    2. Speakers – Ten speakers were added;

      1. Christelle Francois, President, Canadian Black Chamber of Commerce

      2. Nkechi Nwafor-Robinson, TD Bank

      3. Anna Hughes-Moreau, VP, Enterprise Process Engineering, TD Bank

      4. Michele C. Meyers-Shipp, Chief People & Culture Officer, Major League Baseball

      5. Syreeta Gordon-Taitt, Manager of Enterprise Business Reps, Salesforce

      6. Sahar Rahmani, Sr. Director, Global Cyber Security, RBC

      7. Don Dele, Sr. Director, Digital Technology, RBC

      8. Josh Gordon, Sr. Manager, Software Architecture, Bell

      9. Taisha Lewis, Partner, Securities and M&A, Fasken Martineau DuMoulin LLP

      10. Lavone Monroe, Head of Global TA, HPE


  1. Updated navigation height on all pages on Obsidi

  2. Updated Url for become a partner on Obsidi

  3. Updated confirmation email after registration

  4. Removed BPTN T-shirt from VIP offer

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed bug for duplicate email registered on Obsidi

  2. Fixed bug for LinkedIn Icon not showing on Light mode