Post-Beta Hot-Fix Release- Nov 3rd, 2021

Version 0.2.1 – Registration, Improvements & Bug Fixes

What’s new?

Registration – Members can register and login using Google

Register for BFUTR Summit  – Users are no longer redirected to Eventbrite to get Tickets


  1. Updated onboarding questions modal

  2. Enabled special characters on Name fields

  3. Removed filter for events detail page

  4. Updated the single sign on login size

  5. Updated Become a member modal title

  6. Updated paragraph on create a post to stop merging after posting

  7. Updated email login/registration process

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed redirecting to profile page when you click on another Members image on their profile page

  2. Fixed profile picture on Navigation bar to stop reflecting another Members profile photo when on their profile page

  3. Fixed link copying for posts

  4. Fixed duplicate comments on content feed

  5. Fixed missing post on content feed tabs

  6. Fixed and removed typeerror on search page

  7. Fixed invalid email error handling