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Obsidi is not only a vibrant ecosystem, but it’s so focused on Black tech. This gives us the ability to connect top Black tech talent with companies and support them to not only attract and hire but also retain and promote with our platform.

  • Expand Your Network Globally. Whether you’re looking for community support, a new circle, or just exploring the tech landscape, Obsidi has the right tools to help you achieve your goals. Find your tribe, connect with members globally, keep up with the latest tech news and discover new business and careers in seconds.
  • Find a Place Where You Belong. Obsidi is a community for Black professionals created by Black professionals. There’s no shortage of Black talent, so we are unapologetic in our mission to bridge the network gap by providing Black professionals with access to senior executive sponsorship, skills building and a strong peer network to level up their careers. Join Obsidi to connect with our growing network of Black leaders and change-makers.