Version 0.2.0 – Registration, Content, Notification & Connection

What’s new?

Registration – emails are validated by using a code and members account would be locked after three invalid attempts

Navigation Bar- members can view Tea Spot, My Tribe and Pings on Navigation bar

Content Feed Page – members can:

  1. view their post and other members post on the content feed page

  2. create posts and delete posts

  3. share, comment, edit comment and react on posts

  4. view gist and events

Email – members can receive the following emails from Obsidi:

  1. registration and welcome emails

  2. emails for shared pass and instructions on how to claim the shared pass

  3. emails to reset password after three invalid attempts

  4. emails when connection request is received and accepted

  5. emails when another member comments on your post

Search – members can search using the filter on search result page

Manage Pass – unclaimed passes can be shared with others

Connection – members can:

  1. view blocked connection tab

  2. view suggested connection on Obsidi

Profile – 

  1. years of experience can be added to profile

  2. image upload has been limited to 5mb

  3. view profile page from dropdown menu on navigation bar


  1. members can receive and view notifications


  1. updated confirmation/ discard modals pop up with ok and cancel buttons

  2. changed go back button to cancel in the edit box

  3. removed question mark icon and related content in edit profile

  4. improved the user interface on Obsidi

 Bug Fixes

  1. removed duplicated city (Vancouver)

  2. members can view headlines of their connections

  3. fixed mismatch in profile tracker percentage on summit details page

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