Version v.2.1.0 – New Updates


  1. Members will now be able to know, via the chat feature, if another member is online/active (green dot) or offline/inactive (red dot).

Summit 2023 Registration:

  1. After registering for a Tech Talk, members will now view a modal providing information on BFUTR 2023 and a means of purchasing a BFUTR 2023 General Pass. The registration confirmation email is also include this information

Obsidi Recruit:

  1. Improvement on Job Location field – The location field has been changed to a dropdown selection, allowing admins to easily select their country, province, and city for jobs in Canada and United States

Fixes & Improvement:

  1. Bug resulting in multiple videos playing simultaneously on the content feed has now been fixed.
  2. Improvement: users can now use the arrow key to highlight suggested search words when the search bar is clicked.
  3. Improvement: the header section for the chat feature is now clickable.
  4. Improvement: members will now view the loader sign when switching from one mode e.g. dark to another