Beanfield Centre
105 Princes' Blvd, Toronto,
ON, M6K 3C3

Last update to the FAQs – August 04, 2023


About BFUTR 2023

  • What is the BFUTR Global Tech Summit?
    The BFUTR Global Tech Summit is the largest global tech gathering of choice for Black professionals, recruiters, and allies. The summit features 1,200+ tech leaders, 20,000+ professionals, and Big Tech companies like LinkedIn, TD Bank, RBC, Yelp etc.
  • When is the 2023 BFUTR Global Tech Summit be hosted?
    The BFUTR Global Tech Summit will be held from October 26-27, 2023.
  • Where will the 2023 BFUTR Global Tech Summit be hosted?
    The BFUTR Global Tech Summit will be hosted at in-person at the Beanfield Centre, 105 Princes Blvd, Toronto, ON, M6K 3C3. In addition, an online or virtual option will be available to attendees. The virtual option of the event will be streamed via
  • How do I get a pass for BFUTR?
    • Attendees can get a summit pass by signing up or logging into, selecting BFUTR under upcoming event and clicking “Get Pass” button.
    • Once on the registration section and fill out your details and select your ticket type. You can choose to get a free General Admission pass or a VIP pass.
    • A pass confirmation communication message will be sent to your email after purchasing your ticket or securing your free pass.
    • If you don’t get your confirmation email, please contact us at
  • How much does it cost to go to the BFUTR 2023 Global Tech Summit?
    General passes are free for attendees, but VIP in-person summit passes must be purchased in advance ($50). All attendee passes must be obtained on before the event.
  • Where can attendees access the BFUTR Global Tech Summit agenda?
    To view the BFUTR Global Tech Summit agenda, simply head over to our website  and click on the "Agenda" section. There you'll find all the exciting sessions, workshops, and activities lined up for the event. 
  • Is this event only for Black professionals?
    Everyone is welcome to attend! If you know a Black professional and ally who would benefit from attending BFUTR, make sure to share news of the event with them.
  • Is the venue wheelchair accessible?
    Yes, the Beanfield Centre is wheelchair accessible. BPTN is committed to making its events accessible and welcoming for everyone. If any attendees have questions or require more information about the accessible options or accommodations available at the venue, they can contact us at:
  • How can I get my organization involved?
    Reach out to partner with us at, and someone from our events team will be in touch with you.

Preparing for BFUTR

Preparing for BFUTR 2023

  • What do I need to bring to the registration desk at BFUTR?
    To enter BFUTR in-person, attendees must keep a copy of their summit passes on their mobile devices. Attendees will be asked to log in on and collect their badges at the registration desk to access the event. Please remember to let us know if you didn’t register using your legal name so we can help make your registration process as smooth as possible.
  • How do I get my Obsidi profile to 100%?

    If your profile isn’t 100%, it means there's still some missing info in your profile. To complete it, make sure to log into Obsidi to upload a profile image and your resume. Also, don't forget to answer ALL the questions in the profile section. We want to get to know you better!  Let's make your profile shine and stand out to find the right jobs for you.

    Watch this walk-through to get your Obsidi profile to 100%.

    Video: How to Complete Your Profile on Obsidi

  • How can I get a refund after purchasing my BFUTR pass?
    Unfortunately, the summit passes purchased are non-refundable. However, if we have to cancel the summit for any reason beyond our control, attendees will be provided with a refund.
  • Can I transfer my BFUTR pass to someone else?
    Unfortunately, all summit passes purchased are non-transferable to another attendee and equally non-refundable. General summit passes are also non-transferable. 
  • Can I get a group discount or get bulk order passes?
    Absolutely! If you purchase a minimum of 25 summit passes, you'll be eligible for a fantastic 15% discount. 
  • What should I do if I’m looking for a job at BFUTR?
    If you're looking to participate in BFUTR and take full advantage of the opportunities it offers, it's essential to complete your Obsidi profile to 100%. Make sure to upload your resume and a picture of yourself. A complete profile will not only increase your chances of getting noticed by potential employers but also allow you to make meaningful connections during the event. Here’s how to complete your Obsidi profile.
  • How do I network at BFUTR?
    First things first, don't be shy to put yourself out there. Approach people with a warm smile and a friendly handshake. And hey, have a clear idea of what you want to achieve through networking. Are you looking for job opportunities, mentors, or just cool connections? Knowing your goals can really help focus your efforts.
  • What’s the dress code for BFUTR?
    Business casual is always a win - especially as you will be meeting a number of future employers and recruiters who are eager to meet you! However, there is no specific dress code for the summit.
  • How can I learn more about BFUTR on social media?
    You can follow @joinobsidi on social media across Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. Join the online conversation using #Obsidi #BFUTR2023.
  • What are some of the health and safety measures are in place during the summit?
    Your safety is our top priority! The summit planning organizers will strictly adhere to the Ontario government's established health and safety guidelines, as well as any measures in practice at the venue. Currently, based on the prescribed government measures, proof of vaccinations, masks, and social distancing requirements will not be required to enter the summit. 
  • How can I contact the BFUTR team?
    For any questions, comments or feedback, you can reach the team at:

Travel & Accommodation

Travel and Accommodation Bfutr 2023

  • What day should I arrive in Toronto if I’m coming to BFUTR?
    We recommend arriving in Toronto no later than October 25th. This way, you'll have plenty of time to settle in. Also, it's the best way to make the most of the BFUTR Global Summit, taking place on October 26th and 27th. Registration opens at 8:30 am, and attend the partner lounges opening at 10:00 am.
  • Is there any accommodation discount?

    Yes, we got you. We've partnered with Hotel X, and they have graciously blocked out rooms exclusively for BFUTR participants. To bring you a special accommodation discount, make sure to book your room before September 30th, 2023, using the following link here.

  • What’s the closest transit access to the BFUTR venue?
    The Beanfield Centre is conveniently located near multiple transit options in Toronto. The closest transit access is the Exhibition GO Station, just a short walk away from the venue. Additionally, there are TTC streetcar stops nearby, making it easy to reach the centre using public transportation. Plan your trip in advance, and we'll see you at the BFUTR.
  • Can I still book my accommodation through the room block after the deadline?
    Unfortunately, no. The room block will close on September 30, 2023, so book before that to secure our special group rate at Hotel X and save $500.
  • Where can I stay if I don’t get accommodation at Hotel X?
    Here is a list of other possible lodging options located near the summit venue. Please note that we do not have reserved room blocks for attendees are the locations listed below:

    The Westin Harbour Castle
    Location: 1 Harbour Square, Toronto, ON M5J 1A6
    Contact: +1 (416) 869-1600

    Delta Hotels by Marriott Toronto
    Location: 75 Lower Simcoe St, Toronto, ON M5J 3A6
    Contact: +1 (416) 849-1200

    Radisson Blu Toronto Downtown
    Location: 249 Queen's Quay W, Toronto, ON M5J 2N5
    Contact: +1 (416) 203-3333

    Hotel X Toronto by Library Hotel Collection
    Location: 111 Princes' Blvd, Toronto, ON M6K 3C3
    Contact: +1 (647) 943-9300

    Hotel Le Germain Toronto
    Location: 30 Mercer St, Toronto, ON M5V 1H3
    Contact: +1 (416) 345-9500

    Hilton Toronto
    Location: 145 Richmond St W, Toronto, ON M5H 2L2
    Contact: +1 (416) 869-3456

    InterContinental Toronto Centre
    Location: 225 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5V 2X3
    Contact: +1 (416) 597-1400

    The Ritz-Carlton Toronto
    Location: 181 Wellington St W, Toronto, ON M5V 3G7
    Contact: +1 (416) 585-2500

    The Fairmont Royal York
    Location: 100 Front St W, Toronto, ON M5J 1E3
    Contact: +1 (416) 368-2511

    Hotel Victoria
    Location: 56 Yonge St, Toronto, ON M5E 1G5
    Contact: +1 (416) 363-1666
  • Do I need a passport to travel to Canada?
    If you're travelling from outside Canada to BFUTR,  a valid passport is a must when crossing the Canadian border. Don't forget to double-check the expiration date and renew it if needed before your journey.
  • Do I need a visa to travel to Canada?
    While US citizens enjoy visa exemptions for short visits to Canada, some travellers from other countries might need a visa. Remember to verify your visa requirements and apply well in advance if necessary.
  • What airport should I fly into?
    Toronto offers excellent connectivity from major cities in the USA and Canada. If you're flying from the USA, consider Toronto Pearson International Airport (YYZ) for its numerous international connections. Travelling from within Canada? Opt for Billy Bishop Toronto City Airport (YTZ), conveniently located closer to downtown.
  • How do I navigate Toronto to get to BFUTR & Moving Around?
    Wondering how to get to the venue? Don't worry; we've got the details covered! Whether you're arriving from the airport or other parts of the city, there are plenty of transportation options available. You can easily access BFUTR through public transit, taxis, or ride-sharing services.   In addition to BFUTR's fantastic lineup, Toronto has a lot to offer! Make the most of your visit by exploring iconic spots like Liberty Village, Old Toronto, and the Distillery District.

General Passes

General Passes BFUTR 2023

  • Do I have to pay for a General Pass?
    No, the BFUTR 2023 General Pass is free.
  • Do General Passes require a claim code?
    No, General Tickets do not require a claim code. Claim codes are only applicable to VIP bulk purchases. 
  • Can I buy a General Pass for someone else in my network?
    BFUTR general passes are completely free for all attendees. Each participant will need to secure their own general pass. But the exciting part is, you have the option to purchase BFUTR VIP passes not only for yourself but also for your friends, colleagues, or anyone you'd like to bring along to guarantee yourself a top-tier experience.
  • What’s included in General Passes?
    • 2-day access to 80+ North American employers of choice
    • Engage directly with hiring managers eager to hire Black tech talent!
    • Access to 45+ Partner curated sessions in 6 lounges (Limited seating, first come, first serve)
    • Streaming access to BFUTR Main Stage videos (via Obsidi app)
    • Added to preferred Obsidi Members BFUTR Partners' resume book (Upon completion of Obsidi profile)
    • Experience the Wellness Lounge, presented by Canada Life
    • Enjoy beverages sponsored by Intact during the summit
    • Share insights in Black Women in Tech Lounge, presented by SAP
    • Explore opportunities in Black Professional Services Lounge, presented by Fasken
    • Connect with colleagues and brands across North America
    • Access to the RBC Lounge
  • How do I redeem bulk BFUTR General passes?

    Check your email or spam folder to retrieve your BFUTR General pass and claim code.

    To redeem your BFUTR  General pass, follow these steps:

    • Go to the BFUTR website.
    • Click on "Get Pass."
    • Select "Redeem Pass."
    • Enter both your ticket code and claim code.
    • Click "Verify." You'll receive a confirmation notification once your purchase is confirmed.

    That's it! You'll soon be ready to join the BFUTR excitement and make the most of this incredible summit.

  • How can I upgrade my BFUTR General Pass to VIP if it’s sold out?
    Unfortunately, we cannot upgrade General Passes to VIP if the VIP passes are sold out. Once the VIP passes are sold out, we won't be able to offer any further upgrades. However, we encourage you to make the most of your General Pass and enjoy all the exciting opportunities and experiences available at the BFUTR Global Tech Summit. 
  • Will I be able to purchase or secure a General Pass at the venue?
    No, all passes must be secured before the start of the event and no passes will be distributed at the venue.
  • How can I access the in-person events without my badge/pass?
    Unfortunately, you cannot re-enter the event without a BFUTR VIP pass on hand. We’ll need you to locate your pass and present it to our staff before you can rejoin other attendees. The BFUTR VIP pass is a crucial piece included in our registration process, as it allows us to respect the venue’s capacity limits. This is important regulation because it helps us prioritize the health and safety of our attendees if an emergency arises.

VIP Passes

VIP Passes BFUTR 2023

  • What’s included in VIP passes?
    • Everything in the General Pass, plus
    • In-person access to the BFUTR Main Stage Experience
    • Opportunities for life-changing executive collisions
    • Access to our epic BFUTR After Party featuring LUDACRIS!
  • I purchased a BFUTR VIP Pass for someone. How can I share a BFUTR redeem code with them?
    If you've purchased a VIP Pass and want to spread the BFUTR excitement, there are two easy ways to share your redeem code:

    Option 1: Share via Manage Pass:
    • Log in to Obsidi.
    • Navigate to "Manage Pass."
    • Click on "Share" and provide your friend's email address. They'll receive the redeem code directly.

    Option 2: Manually Copy and Share:
    • Access your ticket by going to "View."
    • Copy the ticket code.
    • Share the code with your friend, and they can use it to claim their ticket.
    • Spread the BFUTR vibes and bring your friends along to experience the summit with you!
  • How do I redeem my free BFUTR VIP pass?

    If you've received a free BFUTR VIP pass, use your ticket and claim code and follow these steps:

    • Go to the BFUTR website.
    • Click on "Get Pass."
    • Select "Redeem Pass."
    • Enter both your ticket code and claim code.
    • Click "Verify." You'll receive a confirmation notification once your purchase is confirmed.

    That's it! You'll soon be ready to join the BFUTR excitement and make the most of this incredible summit.
  • How do I retrieve my BFUTR VIP pass and claim code if I have received a free ticket to BFUTR?

    Log into

    Go to My page on the upper left-hand corner of the Obsidi home page

    Then, once on My Page, hit the manage passes button to view your unclaimed passes.

    Select the three dots on the right-hand side of the ticket you want to claim.

    You'll then be able to copy and past your ticket and claim down

    • Go to the BFUTR website.
    • Click on "Get Pass."
    • Select "Redeem Pass."
    • Enter both your ticket code and claim code.
    • Click "Verify." You'll receive a confirmation notification once your purchase is confirmed.