BFUTR 2022
Partner FAQ

Last update  – July 18th, 2022

The booths will be virtual all 3 days, with no in-person booths (other than the recruitment room)

We recommend that you announce that you will be at the summit and have a booth on your social media platform. E.g. “ We’re excited to announce that we’ll be at this year’s BFUTR Global Tech Summit.  Come say hi to us from 1:30 pm - 5:30 pm at our (company name) booth.”

You already have access to build your booth. Start building your virtual booth through the unique booth link provided in the deck. You can also test the sandbox environment through the test link provided. We'll also be providing access to the virtual summit environment a week before the event.

All partners except Supporter levels will have an in-person recruitment opportunity on 21 October at the Sheraton Center Hotel Toronto.

Speakers provided by Collaborator level partners will be signed to one of the Tech Talks on Day 1 or Day 2 - based on their small-medium enterprise.

No, they will not have a speaking segment on the Main stage sessions on Day 3, but they are welcome to attend and join the in-person event with us.

In the past, companies have provided opportunities for attendees to meet with their leaders and hiring managers. They have given away innovative gifts/ SWAG. In addition, they have helped in career growth help (like resume critiquing, counseling, interview tips & aids etc.)

Partners should choose 1-2 people who will be involved throughout the entire process of BFUTR planning on their end. Advisory Committee Meetings are a chance for all our partners to be in one place. These calls are mainly progress and update meetings – we let our partners know what’s happening on the summit front, how the event is progressing and is a place to assign further tasks & deadlines for the summit. The committee members would return the information to their respective companies/teams. It is also an opportunity for partners to have a Q&A with the BPTN team about everything summit related.


  • Think about what you want your booth to look like and reflect on your branding and key messaging in the best way possible
  • Ask yourself how you want to present yourself and who you want to represent as your booth reps. Eg recruiters from departments you are actively hiring for, hiring managers of roles most critical for you, someone from your People and Culture team.
  • Think about what are you doing for the Black tech community and how is your company supporting the community
  • Highlight your Diversity, Equation, Inclusion and Belonging initiatives & practices
  • Connecting with attendees during the event and leaving a lasting impression
  • Engaging In 1:1 conversations with attendees about the company, job postings, culture, etc.
  • Recruiting qualified talent

During the summit, the BPTN team will promote partner sessions in the external zoom, Webex, and teams link of Virtual fairs. We'll also inform attendees about these opportunities through general chat onsite! 

Partners should create a schedule of their breakout sessions and post them within booth content. Partners can also talk about it and share it in the chat during the summit. Lastly, you can also post on your social media accounts; please tag BPTN on all social channels used. We will not be posting separate posts on social media accounts for partner breakout sessions.

The booth rep prep call will include training on using the platform and navigating its various features. There will not be an official test, but we will give you access to the platform ahead of time so you can test everything out.

Yes, we will send you a best practices document for booth reps closer to the time of the summit.

Unfortunately, there is no flexibility on the booth submission date. Booth reps will have to be finalized by the deadline of September 15th and cannot be changed after.

Your booth representative can log into their virtual booths in the beginning of October. The BPTN team will inform you and provide you with login links once your booth is completely built. We strongly encourage that your team set up early and let us know immediately if you experience any technical issues or have any questions.

No. There is no need to present a fixed agenda or content program, but you can decide the flow of your day as you like.

As long as your booth reps are engaging with attendees by telling them about your organization, promoting your brand (and product) and answering any questions they have, then you are good to go. Since we are also promoting Day One as they day for ‘Career Connections,’ it would definitely help having a Recruitment Manager there as they can discuss open positions, review resumes and be available to provide any advice attendees may have regarding talent acquisition in your company. Keep with you a set of questions & answers people may generally ask you at events you have been to before.

We advise having five to eight booth reps who can manage the booth in rotation. We suggest having a minimum of three booth reps present at any given time to ensure engagement is consistent.

Our team will be engaging with attendees through the networking and chat feature. Throughout the day they will be promoting our partners and guiding people to visit the Exhibit halls and booths. We will also have Push Notifications directing people to the booths. BPTN team also have a gamification aspect which will drive traffic to your booth.  Having enticing swag options can also boost traffic to your booth.

You will get a list of all attendees (who have provided consent to share their data) that visited your booth after the event.

BPTN will pull reports for you post-event. Some of the metrics we'll be sharing are number of booth visitors, document views, downloads, links clicked and more. As an exhibitor, what do I have access to? You have an all-access pass to all areas of the platform.

20,000 attendees from across the world, specifically North America.

15- 20% Executives (from tech companies)

60-70 % Senior talent (5- 20 years experience)

15- 20% Early career talent (including students)

We want to make this enjoyable for you. We ask that you be your amazing and authentic self! Let our attendees get to know your brand, show your advocacy for diverse and inclusive recruiting, In-person live interviews, go over resumes with candidates. It would also be great to provide interview prep sessions for roles that our attendees wish to apply for after the summit. You can interact with attendees through the networking and chat feature on the platform.

To do this, go to the Networking Tab and either join a chat room for group/public chats, or click on the name of a person you wish to engage with individually. You can then use either a voice or video call feature to connect with them one-on-one. If you wish to have 1 to few conversations, then we recommend providing that individual with a Video conferencing link & log in requirements for the same.

We highly recommend updating your profile with a clear professional picture, your name and job title so our attendees know who they are engaging with.

You may want to speak to those who apply for open positions that are listed in your booth. You can engage with them for a quick interview and ask for a resume submission on the spot. This is a one-on-one feature.

You can post as many jobs as you want. The booths will not be accessible post the event on October 21st at 6 PM. We highly recommend engaging with attendees through the networking platform & asking them to check out the open positions in your organization. 


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