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Lead the Way;
Accelerate Your Career Through ERG Leadership

Start Time
12:00 pm
End Time
12:45 pm



Alex Noort

Senior Professional Services Consultant
Intuit Canada


Krissy Gibson

Senior Customer Experience Leader
Intuit Canada


Renee Colen

Renee Colen

Senior HR Business Partner
Intuit Canada

In today’s ever evolving, fast-paced tech industry, employees are increasingly understanding that to advance one’s career is intricately linked to their ability to inspire and empower their colleagues, teammates, and peers. Expanding one’s scope of influence is directly connected to career progression; particularly in arenas where that influence impacts another person for the better. This dynamic panel discussion explores the invaluable intersection of career growth and Employee Resource Group (ERG) leadership. Our panelist Alex and Krissy are both recent promotes and Intuit ERG leaders ready to share with you stories and actionable strategies for how to become a change catalyst within your organization cultivating an environment of collaboration and inclusivity while broadening your influence and building your leadership capability.