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TD Tech Talk
Innovating Better Customer Experience Using Platforms, Virtual and Augmented?

Start Time
02:00 pm
End Time
03:00 pm



Imran Khan

Head of TD Invent
TD Bank Group


Kerry Narduzzi

Project Manager, Enterprise Innovation, TD Invent
TD Bank Group


Adunni Rufai

Manager, Experience Design, Human-Centered Design, TD Invent
TD Bank Group


Jermaine Ward

Senior User Experience Designer, Human-Centered Design, TD Invent
TD Bank Group

In an increasingly digitally connected world, artificial intelligence (AI), virtual reality (VR) interactions, and cloud-based experiences are part of our everyday lives, whether we’re calling home, buying groceries, or opening a savings account. However, it’s no surprise that these systems can contain the biases of the people who build them.

Join the Head of Global Innovation at TD, Imran Khan and his team as they discuss how TD takes a human-centered approach to innovation to ensure an inclusive customer experience. #InclusiveInnovation.