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The Transformative Impact of AI and SAP's Drive to Eliminate Bias

Start Time
01:00 pm
End Time
01:45 pm

Ambrose Yufanyi Akiim

Marketing Automation Expert

AI is transforming not only how businesses run but it is significantly reshaping professions and changing the way work is executed. The recent hype around openAI’s ChatGPT has highlighted the disruptive and transformative potential of generative AI to business processes and to life in general. Nevertheless, the use of AI comes with great ethical responsibility and the need to incorporate diverse perspectives to avoid bias in its outcomes.  Therefore, we will address the transformative impact of AI, the cruciality of increasing the proportion of women in AI projects and how SAP implements its business AI in a responsible and ethical way, involving human oversight (intelligence) with the objective of eliminating bias in the outcomes of AI-enabled solutions.