BMO Black Entrepreneur of the Year, Technology Industry

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Andre Smith

Founder & CEO

Flip Academy

Founder of Flip Academy, Andre revolutionizes financial literacy for kids via a digital platform blending animation and gamification.

Boyd Reid

Co-Founder and Chief Customer Officer

Hop In Technologies

Boyd Reid, CCO at Hop In Technologies, excels in customer experience, mentoring in the Black entrepreneurial community, and innovating in transportation.

Michael Akpan

Director and Founder


Michael Akpan, founder of TheSkillGarage, excels in transitioning individuals into tech careers, impacting over 1000 students across 30+ countries.

Tomisin Salam



Fintech CEO Tomisin drives global aid through financial services for immigrants, impacting over 21,000 lives with a vision to reach two million by 2025.

Vivene Salmon

Co-Founder & Chief Legal Officer

F8th Inc.

Vivene Salmon, co-founder of F8th Inc., pioneers in cybersecurity with behavioral biometrics. First racialized CBA President, advocating for legal professionals.

Entrepreneurship is the heart of innovation, especially in tech. The BMO Black Entrepreneur of the Year award recognizes fearless entrepreneurs and founders who don’t just start businesses but are changing the game with their ideas, leadership, and passion.
For this award, nominate people who:

About This Award

The BMO Black Entrepreneur of the Year award celebrates the Black entrepreneurs in tech who have turned their startups into success stories. It’s for the visionaries who see possibilities where others see obstacles and build teams that reflect the excellence of Black innovation in technology.

Recognize an entrepreneur who embodies the spirit of innovation and the drive for success. Nominate a leader who is paving the way for the future of Black tech entrepreneurship.

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