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Insights on Influencing, Inspiring and Impacting Others Through your Leadership Path

Start Time
10:00 am
End Time
10:45 am

Karina Edmonds

SVP, Global Head of Academies and University Alliances

A conversation with Karina Montilla Edmonds regarding how transparency, collaboration and inclusivity have been central to her experiences.

The workplace is demanding more from leadership! With remote and hybrid work, technology enabled collaborations, asynchronist teams, and the need for diverse talent, leaders need to lead differently. With these new realities, executives are working differently to enable productivity and innovation. How are leaders thinking and working differently?

In this inspirational 45-minute conversation with Karina you will have the fabulous opportunity to gain insights on influencing, inspiring and impacting others through your leadership path.

Karina will share her valuable experience and wealth of knowledge with us on unleashing potential in others from her leadership journey.