Black Tech Recruiter of the Year

2024 Award Winner

Adijat Akinsipe

Director, Enterprise Technology & Digital Recruitment

Royal Bank of Canada

From tech expert to talent strategist, Adijat drives diversity in tech hiring and nurtures underrepresented groups. Passionate about storytelling and empowering women in tech.

Behind every great tech talent is a recruiter who saw potential. The Black Tech Recruiter of the Year award honors the individuals who match skills with opportunities and champion diversity in the tech workspace, ensuring that the doors of opportunity are open to all.

For this award, nominate people who:

About This Award

This award recognizes a recruiter’s excellence in finding great talent and advocating for candidates, ensuring that the tech industry’s future is as diverse as our world. It’s not just about placing talent; it’s about understanding the pulse of the industry and recognizing the power of diverse perspectives.

Nominate a recruiter who has significantly impacted the careers of Black tech professionals and contributed to the industry’s advancement through inclusive recruitment practices.

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