Black Professional Trailblazer of the Year, Sponsored by Sun Life

2024 Award Winner

Al Ramsay

VP, 2SLGBTQ+ & Black Customer Segments

TD Bank

Al leads TD's Black and 2SLGBTQ+ customer segments with innovative strategies, enhancing diversity and inclusion in the financial sector.

Trailblazing isn’t just about leading the charge; it’s about igniting the path for others to follow. Black Professional Trailblazer of the year sponsored by Sun Life award spotlights the individual in tech who not only walks new ground but also sets the ground ablaze with innovation and inspiration.

For this award, nominate people who:

About This Award

We’re celebrating the Sun Life mindset of trailblazers and change makers who are invested in making a positive impact on their lives, their business, and the world around them. Trailblazers in the tech industry don’t wait for doors to open; they create new entrances for themselves and the community. This award embodies innovation, courage, and unwavering determination to leave an indelible mark on the tech landscape.

Nominate the individual whose bold steps and pioneering spirit create a legacy of transformation and leadership in tech.

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