Black Breakout Professional of the Year - Technology Division, Sponsored by Intuit

2024 Award Winner

Onyeka Illoh

Director, Cloud Risk & Governance

Sun Life

Onyeka Illoh leads Cloud Risk & Governance at Sun Life, promoting diversity and innovation in tech, founding Tech Connects to bridge talent gaps.

In the tech world, breaking out is about breaking through barriers and setting new standards. The Black Breakout Professional of the Year in Technology honors the bright minds driving the conversation forward with their innovative ideas and contributions.

For this award, nominate people who:

About This Award

This award recognizes the rising technology stars who have shown exceptional growth, innovation, and influence in the tech sector. It’s for those who stand at the forefront of technology, shaping the future with their projects and initiatives.

Celebrate a professional who’s making significant strides in tech. Nominate someone who is on the path to great success.

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